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Monday, March 12, 2012

RIP Moebius

Well, now I'm all depressed. I was just over at Bully's blog, and found out to my utter dismay that Jean Giraud, aka Moebius and probably one of my favorite artists/creators in the WORLD has died.


It was through reading his Lt. Blueberry books, that I discovered the incredible world of French and European comics, and found the Corto Maltese books by Hugo Pratt, Tintin, and Lucky Luke and all kinds of fabulous stuff. After devouring all the Lt. Blueberry books that I could find, I read MORE of his creations, such as Airtight Garage,and the Metabarons and anything else that I could find.

His line work was simply spectacular. His style was fluid, and he could switch from the incredibly intricate detail of a Blueberry book, to the much more cartoonish look of his later work. It may have LOOKED simpler...but it wasn't. He also wrote a lot of his own stuff, and had a certain dry sense of humor that I much appreciated. In fact, I think that he was even knighted, or at least given the same honor as a knighthood in France, which seems to appreciate Comics more than we necesarily do in the States.

Damn. Now I'm depressed. I think I'll go and read all my Blueberrys again and raise a toast.


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