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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A LOT to Review This Week

That was some week! And not a real clunker in the bunch.

We are finishing up with the one-shot Blackest Night issues, and first off we have The Atom & Hawkman. Written by Geoff Johns, and drawn by Ryan Sook.
I liked this. I liked it a lot. The artwork was awfully pretty, as might be expected from Sook, and the story made sense, and tied in neatly with the major Blackest Night story already in progress. And it's always nice to get a little background information on the Atom. I like Ray, but he's a little off of my radar most of the time. I certainly like him a whole lot when he's being written by Geoff Johns.

It's up to Ray to hold down the fort, while Indigo One is calling all of the other color corps home planets for help. She's fairly helpless when she's doing this, so Ray needs to step up to the plate. Too bad that Black Lantern Jean Loring throws a monkey wrench into the works, as is her wont. Man, Jean is relly a piece of work. We have a nice little romp through Ray's head, and Jean gets what is coming to her...and the Atom saves the Universe! But what he really wants to save are Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Batman & Robin #7. Not bad, not bad, although it did jump from Dick cradling Bruce's dead body to a bunch of action in London awfully quickly. It took me a second reading to figure things out, but I guess that's just Grant Morrison being Grant Morrison. The whole domino motif comes up again, Batman is running around London with Knight and Squire, and Batwoman shows up along with an old Lazarus Pit. And guess what...Dick is making Bat Soup!

Detective Comics # 861. We also see Batwoman in her own book. It isn't Williams on the art, but you know what? It's not bad. Not bad at all. There's a maniac going around kidnapping college girls and harvesting their various body parts. Kate manages to save one girl, and gets knifed in the process, and meets up with her cousin, who may or may not be on the killer's list. And the Question backup has Huntress, which is nice.

Green Lantern #50. Oh Hal. Will you never learn?

Gotham City Sirens #8. This book is growing on me. Which is appropriate I suppose for this months issue, which spotlights Poison Ivy. Two men are murdered in the park, apparently by Ivy, but she didn't do it...although as she points out, she wouldn't have minded doing it, since the two were pretty loathsome specimens in her book. Catwoman and Harley are doing their best to help, especially when Ivy disappears, but there's a nice twist at the end. Pretty darned good, I do have to say.

Jack of Fables#42. Oh Jack, you may be pretty and heroic, but gosh, you're very very naive. Jack saves the day, and goes off to be feted by the King, and can't understand why the King's Guards are trying to kill him. Good stuff as usual.

Justice League of America #41. Let's start a NEW Justice League...AGAIN! Sheesh. I've got stuff in the fridge that is older than this bunch working together. A crapload of Titans show up, to show how things are done. Donna is about to fall out of her costume, but so is Kory,so I guess it doesn't matter. People come and go, and apparently we find out the twist ending to Cry for Justice. Funny thing, that.

Blackest Night: JSA. This is number two out of three, and I fell for the idea that these particular Black Lanterns were actually GOOD! I'm as dumb as the rest of them apparently. This was wicked, and I liked it.

Justice Society of America #35. Dagnabit, I LIKED this! And I didn't really expect to. It didn't have Magog in it for one thing, and that's always a plus in my book. They are all fighting Mordru, who has shunted them off to box universes, where they each have to face a different peril, while he takes on Alan Scott at his leisure. Poor newbie Doctor Fate, manages to pull himself together, and sans helmet, save the day. The art was nice, and darn it, it was a good story!

Superman: Secret Origin #4. I am loving this book. I know that we all know Superman's origin, but I don't care. As long as I get Gary Franks drawing it, and Geoff Johns writing it, I'm gonna buy it and ENJOY it!

Lex is up to no good. Really, no good at all. And a love for donuts goes horribly awry.

Wonder Woman #40. I've been so wrapped up in Wonder Woman flying around as a Star Sapphire that it was a little jarring to have her as normal in her own book. Weird things are happening. A perfectly nice Snake God goes bonkers and swallows a subway car. She talks him into coughing it up, and off he goes. Some rather sinister-looking little English Schoolboys however are wandering around talking perfectly nice people and entities into doing perfectly awful things. But Etta Candy shows up! WooWoo! And we're going to get a Power Girl/Wonder Woman battle, which should be LOADS of fun.

That's it for this week. I am replete.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Fernando said...

GL 50 is my favourite Blackest Night comic so far. It has everything.

The rest of comics were pretty good, too. Gotham City Sirens was cool, although Ivy strike me down as being very rude to catwoman.

And Batman was really confusing.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Green Lantern WAS awfully good!

Yes, Poison Ivy was rude, but that seems to be her schtick. I don't think that it bothered Selina that much. I wasn't too sure about this series at first, but I'm warming up to it.

Batman had me confused a bit at first, but the more you look at it, the better it gets. The artwork is so much better than it was with Philip Tan, that you can actually follow things now. Basically, Dick has discovered an unknown Lazarus Pit in England, and that's why he's leaping around with Knight and Squire, and Batwoman was kidnapped, and that's why she's there. Guess we'll all see if it actually worked next month!

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Yep, Hal's an idiot. But he's a goshdarned ENTERTAINING idiot. ;-)

Wonder Woman vs. Power Girl, huh? Sounds almost like a followup to that B&B teamup of theirs a while back. I'll bet you anything Wonder Woman will win. :-)

At 7:04 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I think you'd win that bet, Sea.

Hal is entertaining, isn't he? I loved he and Sinestro fighting over who got to be Parallax.

At 4:25 AM, Blogger poops said...

Thanks again for another great rundown on all the DC reads...I'm pretty selective of what I buy, but I still like to kow what's going on!

I was very happy in a malicious way to know that Grant Morrison is still confusing the hell out of readers...I'm still pissy about "Final Crisis" and the fact that he is writing Bruce Wayne's return is like a handful of sand in my bathing suit..my life is too hectic and my brain is too small to figure out his plots!

I tried to get in to the "Cry For Justice" thing, but the lack of continuity between JLA and Blackest Night makes it hard to enjoy...I'm just going to stick with BL and the GLs.

Absolutely loved GL and Atom & Hawkman was the best crossover so far...I'm hoping to see a Sinestro-Parallax at some point...in the meantime, I'll take a Dead Spectre - Halallax showdown!

looking forward to your rundown!


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