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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Guy's Not Going Away

Ok, we've had a brief history, analyzed his hair and his clothes, what could possibly next? Since I am still refusing to talk about Hal, I guess that means it's time to look at his love life.

Guy certainly manages to come off as a horndog, but really, I think a lot of it is just for show. Compared to Hal (arrghh!) and Kyle, he's had a fairly limited number of girlfriends. He might actually be more similar to John in this respect. He talks a good talk, but when it comes right down to it, he's in it for the long run.

His first fling was of course, Kari Limbo. She was this exotic Gypsy who had certain...eerie powers. That is, she was a tiny wee bit psychic...or something. Anyway, she was a lot different from the girls in Baltimore, that's for sure. He and Kari were actually engaged, when Hal asked him to stand in for him as Green Lantern, while Hal went off to Oa and got his ring checked. Guy was GL for a DAY, when he got blown up into the Phantom Zone by the defective Battery, and was then tortured by Sinestro for good measure.

Hal Pictures

That's Hal breaking the news to Kari, that Guy is dead. And here they are, not too terribly long after that.

Hal Pictures

Wow! Kari was definitely the kind of girl, who if she couldn't be with the one she loved, then she loved the one she was with. Of course, Hal's the same way...no wonder they got along! After Hal rescued Guy from Sinestro, Guy was in a coma for three years, and for a while Kari played the devoted fiancee...but knowing Kari, I don't imagine THAT lasted for too long either. When Guy woke up and was brought back into the Corps by the Guardians during the first Crisis, he was all cranky and mean, and dumped her. In so doing, he proved himself to be a lot smarter than Hal Jordan, brain damage or not.

So then he ended up joining the Justice League and met Ice.


Sweet, adorable Tora Olafsdottir. They had a bit of a rocky beginning, but Guy is known for being persistant.

Guy and Ice

Since he ended up taking her to a sleezy porn theatre that coincidentally happened to be owned by none other than Black Hand (yes THAT Black Hand!) it really was an awful first date.

Guy and Ice

He did keep trying however. He even took her to the Ice Capades, and had to deal with Blue Beetle's idea of humor to boot. It took a while, but Tora began to see his softer side.

Guy and Ice

Awwww! That's so sweet.

Guy and Ice

Double Awww! They were even happy for while, although the Powers-That-Be made sure THAT didn't last forever. He lost the ring and got the yellow ring that made him crankier, and she developed a tiny crush on Superman, and they were on-again/off-again for a while, and then they stupidly, killed sweet sweet Tora off.

And Guy was sad.

And he and Fire, aka Beatriz Da Costa, and incidentally Tora's best friend, and Guy's bete noir, got bombed on Christmas Eve at Warriors and had one HECK of an interesting evening! They even decided that they didn't hate each other after all.

Guy pictures

Brazilians can be pretty irresistable, I guess.

But still, in his heart of hearts, he was in love with Tora, and then, she was miraculously resurrected! Woohoo!

Guy and Ice

Triple Awwwww!

So now, they're back together, although they are taking things slow and working at it. It's the reward that Guy gets, for not being a male floozy, like Hal. And possibly because, Tora can't resist him in those tight pants either.


At 7:31 AM, Anonymous farsider said...

Sally, Check out google.com. You'll be glad you did.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Woohoo! Hal, and Plas,and Bats. No Superman, but I can live with that.


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