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Friday, June 12, 2009

Hal vs Jonah Continues

Yup, we're still at it, and neither one of us is close to conceeding defeat. Dwayne has a nice picture of Jonah being clonked in the future.


That sort of thing happens to Hal all the time, since he was sent into the future to save some losers and hang out with Iona Vane. He also was snatched into the future by some baddie named Gracchus, and got to hang with his comely daughter Teira, and there are probably other moments as well.

But I'm a little more interested in something from Hal's past, that has unfortunately been most probably retconned. Nevertheless, with all of its faults, I'm still rather fond of Emerald Dawn I and II.

For reasons like this.



At 10:43 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

It's too bad about Emerald Dawn being retconned, because I enjoy most of it. Both volumes. I particularly like ED II because of the heavy Guy and Sinestro showings, and the whole trial of Sinestro is awesome (I love how he seems so confused and even hurt by Katma's testimony against him). And Hal owning up to being a drunk driver is, in my opinion, a very nice character-building touch.

But looks like parts of Geoff John's stuff are inspired by Emerald Dawn, so it's not totally lost.

And please tell me that you're going to post the yellow billboard scene!

At 6:14 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The yellow billboard scene has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. It...it's just so TYPICAL of Hal!

I can also see Guy getting pissed and flying into something, except that he'd probably remember that it was yellow. And yet HE was the brain-dead one?

But yes, Emerald Dawn I and II were pretty darned good. The M. D. Bright artwork didn't hurt either.


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