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Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Review Time

Well fry me for a donut, this was a particularly lovely week. We had Booster Gold, Fables, Green Lantern Corps, and Secret Six, not to mention a few other nice books. It was definitely worth a trip to the store!

Booster Gold #20....This was a bit of a change of pace, with a done-in-one story with Keith Giffen as the writer. The Time Sphere has a technical problem, and Rip has to fix it, while Booster is busy doing the "Are we there yet?" routine every two minutes. Oh Booster. They exchange some snarky repartee, but it's mostly done in jest, and finally to get him out of his hair, Rip suggests that Booster go Time Diving. Booster, in an attempt to discover the Fonz, decides to go to the 1950's, but ends up with Cold War Paranoia instead of Rock and/or Roll. There's the Suicide Squad, Russian spies, and all kinds of fun things going on. A reasonable amount of fun.

The Great Fable Crossover; part 4 of 9...That's a rather long title,when you come right down to it. Jack shows up at the Farm, claiming to have been sent by Bigby and Snow, and manages to weasel his way into a position of authority. Rose Red is still out of it, Stinky the Badger thinks that Jack is the second coming of Blue Boy, and most of the Fables don't really have a clue about what is really going on. Still a heck of a good read, though.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape...I'm not exactly sure why I picked this up,but it has Nemesis in it, and all sorts of weird things are going on. It's a bit like an episode out of "The Prisoner". Various members of the Suicide Squads show up, and are having their heads seriously messed with. It looks intriguing.

Green Lantern Corps #36...as usual, I'll review this tomorrow...but for Heaven's Sake, BUY IT! You won't be sorry.

Oracle: The Cure #3.....Frankly, I thought this whole mini-series was a bit of a dud. The Calculator goes around and assembles parts of the Anti-Life Equation so that he can presumably save the life of Wendy, his comatose daughter, who was traumatized back in Teen Titans. He causes a whole lot of trouble and kills some people along the way. Oracle manages to thwart his plan, Wendy wakes up on her own, and Calculator is off to the Hoosegow, while Oracle informs him that she's fixed it so that it can never ever go on-line again. Yeah right. We'll see just how long THAT lasts. Wendy is awake, but in a cruel twist of fate, she can't move her legs. Oracle is still in a wheelchair, and it looks as though she'll be having company.

That's about it. At the end, Oracle practically waves a flag and shows Calculator who she is, which seemed odd to me. A whole lot of meh.

Secret Six #9.....This book on the other hand was simply spectacular. I confess to snickering throughout the whole thing, and occasionally bursting into a genuine boffo belly laugh. With Batman missing, all sorts of unsavory characters have been crawling out of the woodwork, and a gang of Kidnappers decides to take advantage of his absence. Bane, Catman and Ragdoll decide to go to Gotham,and do their best to foil the Kidnappers nefarious plans. Needless to say, hilarity and mayhem ensue.

Bane and Catman are each trying to convince the other, that they are trying to fill Batman's shoes, while being in a whole lot of denial. Ragdoll is wonderful as Robin.


Believe it or not, our heroes are actually doing a bang-up job in stopping the Kidnappers and winning the gratitude of the victims, although there is certainly a gratuitous amount of collateral damage along the way. Then Nightwing shows up and spoils their fun, getting all sanctimonious, and holier than thou. Frankly, Catman doesn't appreciate his attitude, and really, who can blame him?

Nicola Scott is back on art, and it is of course, beautiful. Gail Simone's dialogue, in particular, that of Ragdoll/Robin is hilarious. This is my favorite book this week.

Trinity #50...Wow! Stuff really happened! Man, Krona is a tool.

I also picked up Superman: World of New Krypton by Robinson and Rucka, because I forgot last week. It's pretty darned good. Still so strange to see Superman dealing with all those obnoxious Kryptonians. But hey, there are Green Lanterns at the end! Woohoo!

I hope that you all enjoyed your books this week! I know I did.


At 5:33 AM, Blogger googum said...

Gee, what did I get? I got a big ol' pile of cheap old books, but new stuff...B.P.R.D, Warlord, I liked Escape too, Deadpool was only OK. Shoot, I think I forgot to get Pet Avengers and Unwritten, but they were short on Toyfare, so later.

At 12:45 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I keep forgetting to try and pick up the Pet Avengers. How has it been? It looks like a hoot.

Escape WAS pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised.


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