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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who IS Behind Blackest Night?

There has been a certain amount of speculation, concerning exactly who it is, or what it is...behind the upcoming Blackest Night saga from Geoff Johns. We already know some of the players, such as the Anti-Monitor, and Scar, the evil Guardian. We know that Black Hand is going to be a part of this somehow, and the other new color corps. We know that the dead are going to rise, and it's all going to be one heck of a donnybrook.

Over at http://diamondrock.blogspot.com/, Diamondrock has an excellent little essay with his concerns about who exactly is behind all of this. I do have to say, that I agree, Krona and Nekron make for excellent villains, and we all know that Geoff Johns simply lives to go dumpster-diving through DC history.

I however have been pondering this. Somehow...SOMEHOW, you just know that this is all going to be traced back to Hal. After all, it was Hal who managed to defeat Nekron the first time. Could Hal during his time as Parallax somehow screwed things up? Or...could he have done something perhaps earlier in his past...before Parallax? Could he have messed with somebody so badly, that they would have vowed a deep and righteous revenge? A revenge so deep and bloody and all-consuming...a revenge that could shatter the universe? A revenge so all-encompassing, that they didn't care who or what was shattered in it's mighty wake?

Who could Hal have screwed over to that extent?

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Oh hell.

You all remember Onu Murtu, better known as Dorine Clay don't you? She's the girl that Hal hung out with for a while when he'd had a fight with Carol for a bit. It turned out that she was an alien, and was busy trying to fight some bad guys on her home planet of Garon. Hal came across her again during the time that he was exiled from Earth for a year, for sassing the Guardians. being without female companionship for a whole YEAR is a long time...especially for someone like Hal, and he was perfectly happy to use Dorine/Onu, to fill that void. However, when the year was up, good ol' Hal took off, and dumped Dorine without a single backward glance.

That sort of thing has to...fester.

So, I think that it is quite possible that Nekron is behind all of the upcoming kerfuffle. But I think that Dorine put him up to it. So it's all Hal's fault. As usual.

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At 9:31 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Ha! Yes, I'm sure it's all going to boil down to, Hal did something stupid (hey, imagine that!) sometime during his history that led to all this. So, naturally, our boy's gonna find this out, get ALL upset (because, as Ollie once said, Hal just isn't happy unless he thinks he's screwed up somehow), and bend over backwards to "fix" things. And, yep, I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with Krona and Nekron, just like before.

Here's another prediction to throw into the twist. There's been a lot of talk lately about Sinestro being the "greatest Green Lantern," blah, blah, blah -- despite the fact that Hal also once had/has that unofficial title. I think it's going to be established that, yes, Sinestro IS the greatest Green Lantern -- but HAL is the greatest LANTERN. Period.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger GL2814E said...

Hal is gonna become the Rainbow Lantern and his decendant will be Rainbow Girl of the Legion of Superheroes...

I hope it turns out that Kari Limbo is the source of the Blackest Night...

That image we say of Guy being whacked by a giant Lantern symbol... thats Guy's dignity getting a hit... so sad...

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

I think you're right about the "greatest Green Lantern" and "greatest Lantern" thing, Sea.

I sort of wish the "greatest" all-around would be Sinestro, too, instead of Hal, though. Not just because I like him, but because then none of the human Lanterns officially outshine the others. I know there is a strong sentiment among many longtime GL fans that Hal already is the greatest (I would debate that), but I think the Earth GLs have a great balance/dynamic going on right now, and it would be a shame to rock the boat by making one clearly superior to the others.

And I am wholly in support of the idea of one of Hal's jilted ex-lovers being behind the Blackest Night. But I bet it would be Rose Hardin! She was a tough lady and I liked her, but she was wronged by Hal and John. Pretty cruelly, too. And I seem to remember her getting the heebie-jeebies when Guy hit on her. Heck, she has a legitimate beef with the Guardians themselves, too!

At 8:05 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

THe real force behind Blackest Night is...


At 6:35 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I like your idea, Sea. And I never thought of Rose, but she has an even bigger beef than Dorine! And then of course, there is Itty.

Perhaps...perhaps it is ALL of them! Dorine, Rose, Itty, Kari Limbo and everyone ELSE that has been screwed over by Hal! That's a pretty long list! In order to save the world, nay the UNIVERSE, Hal has to go back on Opra and confess that yes...he's a shmuck, while all the rest of the Lanterns yell "Hallelujah!" in the background.

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Willow-Bee the Cat said...

I am officially in support of Sally's sugestion. That said, I'm not sure Kari qualifies. ignoring her death in Zero Hour, she was the one who left Hal, not the other way around. Although maybe she's angry at Guy.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

"..Hal has to go back on Oprah and confess that yes...he's a shmuck, while all the rest of the Lanterns yell "Hallelujah!" in the background."

I'd watch it for the captions below the GLs' faces alone.


(All the women in his life die)

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous TotalToyz said...

Come on, we all know who's going to turn out to be the force behind Blackest Night.

Tom Kalmaku.

Tell me you'd put it past Geoff Johns.

"Yes, Hal, it's me. Tom. Your old funny sidekick; your comedy relief. What was that charming nickname you used to call me? Oh, yes; 'Pieface'. You can't imagine how it hurt like a knife in the heart every time you called me that. The years I had to swallow the pain and humiliation, never daring to talk back to Ferris' fair-haired boy. The hate festered inside me, poisoning my soul. Turning it...black. Now it's your turn to taste some humiliation, Hal. So tell me...does it taste like...Eskimo pie?"


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