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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Green Lantern #34

Geoff John and Ivan Reis continue to delight me with their latest issue of the origin of Hal Jordan. And it just keeps getting better and better.

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We begin with Atrocitus trying to use William Hand as a weapon, while Sinestro and Hal are doing their unpowered best to stop him. With his usual youth and arrogance on display, Hal refuses to back down, and to his disgust, Sinestro has to keep bailing him out. I have to admit that Sinestro is displaying a lot more common sense than Hal is, even using a handy dandy pocket dimension to keep his lantern in, so that they can recharge. Hal keeps HIS lantern in his locker. You just know that Sinestro is rolling his eyes.

There follows a very satisfying fight in the cemetary in the rain. Atrocitus brushes off Hal fairly easily, and he and Sinestro go toe to toe. Atrocitus is smart enough to know his enemy and his weakness, so he clobbers Sinestro with a big yellow back-hoe. He's about to administer the coup de grace, when Hal screams and hits Atrocitus with a giant green fighter plane construct. Atrocitus is just astounded, that this stupid rookie is able to somehow overcome the yellow weakness. Sinestro hasn't seen what actually happened, since he was face down in the mud, but he manages to rally and puts down Atrocitus once and for all. It is interesting that Sinestro used ring constructs that looked like Abin Sur and Kilowog.

Hand in the meantime, after a lot of cowering, has discovered the little gold thingie that Atrocitus was going to use, and slips it into his jacket. He runs off, as Hal tries to see if he is all right. Hal is all pumped up and pleased with himself for beating the yellow weakness. Sinestro didn't see it, and quite franky doesn't believe it, so once again they start bickering like a pair of two-year olds. Well...actually Hal is the one acting most childish, and Sinestro has had it up to HERE with the attitude.

So...Hal stomps off and decides that he's got to confront his problems head on, and tells the ring to take him to Carl Ferris...the man that he's blamed for his father's death for years. Hal is rather astonished to be taken to the Ferris house outside of Coast City instead of to Florida where Ferris is supposed to be golfing. He's even more astonished when he storms in and finds that Carl Ferris is actually a very sick and bedridden man. Carol has been covering up for him, and trying to keep the company going for him. Carol and Hal actually have a moment of understanding, which is rather poignant. I like Carol in this light, and I like that Hal actually forgets to be all manly and opens up for a change. Hal is finally able to let his father go, and as a deep moment of introspection.

Sinestro shows up and gives him a nice little pep talk, and even shows a bit of empathy for him. In a lovely moment, he passes on some advice that he had received from Abin Sur...that overcoming fear is what they do best, but that dealing with sorrow and loss...that's tough even for Green Lanterns.

Awwwwww....! It's the origin of the speech that Hal gives to Kyle much much later. I can't believe how interesting Sinestro is in this stage of his life. He's arrogant and smug and full of himself, but then so is Hal. He's also very very very good at what he does. And in their questioning of the Guardian's motives, he and Hal have a lot in common. I can understand why they became friends. It is all the more tragic when you consider what eventually happened to him.

Anyway, their little bonding moment is disturbed by a message from Oa. Apparently fraternizing is against the rules, and they are called back for some disciplinary action. Man, those Guardians are so strict!

Who would have thought that Hal's origin could have been so well-fleshed out? All kinds of things make sense now. Although I have to admit that I'm not entirely convinced that Hal really figured out a way to beat the yellow weakness. I prefer to have him getting blinded by mustard and locked in yellow safes over the years.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

I think Hal overcoming the yellow weakness was a fluke -- an accidental discovery that first you need to feel fear and then overcome it in order to overcome the yellow (probably because they were fighting in the cemetary where his parents are buried). Of course, he had no way of knowing that it was THAT that helped him defeat the yellow. (It makes you wonder, though, how many other Lanterns made the same accidental discovery over the centuries, but never pinpointed the cause.)

I think that's the same cemetary that appears later during Hal's fight with Black Hand, Hector Hammond, and the "gremlins."

At 8:25 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

That's a good point, Sea. And yeah, I think it is the same cemetary.

Fluke or not, it did seem to annoy Sinestro. And it all makes me wonder just what it was that the Guardians thought that they were accomplishing with the whole yellow weakness to begin with. I guess they thought that Parallax had been imprisoned for so long that he wasn't a problem any longer. The Guardians have a tendancy to be rather shortsighted for creatures who are so long-lived.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Scipio said...

I think the key to that scene is that Hal is angry: perhaps this ties into the origin of the Red Lantern Corps.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

The only realy complaint I have about the Secret Origin storyline is that it's really dragging on way too long. It's interesting, but things are starting to feel really disjointed for me with this book stuck in the past for so many issues.

Well, that and Hal overcoming the yellow weakness. That annoyed me a bit. I like Hal better when he's not doing super awesome things that nobody else can do.

I'm really loving Sinestro here, though! I think the Secret Origin is actually doing more for Sinestro, William Hand, and maybe even Carol's characters than it is for Hal's.

At 5:33 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Carol really just shines, doesn't she? She's far more interesting than Cowgirl...at least in my opinion.

And yes, it's nice to see Sinestro being shown in a sympathetic light. Of course, by his own standards, he IS the hero. I'm rather wondering if Geoff is going to go for a redemption of Sinestro, or if there is too much water under the bridge for that to happen.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Riddering said...

At first I was a little bit nervous over the scene of Hal unwittingly overcoming the yellow weakness but I've come to realize 1) It was a one-time fluke and 2) Someone must have passed that tidbit on, be it Hal or Sinestro, and it makes sense for the legendary crazy Earth-man greatest Green Lantern to have that kind of rumor whispered about him and 3) This moment could even have been the start of Parallax stirring inside the battery and wondering just who it was that upset the GL weakness.

I agree that Sinestro and Carol are receiving some lovely characterization here. I get all fluttery over the idea of it leading to a Yellow/Violet/Green team during Blackest Night. Pretty please, Geoff?

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

Atrocitus? Really? Is that inspired or lazy? I just cannot work it out.

Great blog by the way!

At 5:46 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

That's a very interesting idea, Riddering! It would explain why Parallax chose Hal of all people to try and infect.

And thanks, Saranga!


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