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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Still wandering around in a comics-deprived state of depression. It ain't pretty. On the other hand, a thunderstorm and a cold front came through last night, to relieve the OPRESSIVE heat and humidity, and today is just gorgeous, so my mood is improving. Slightly.

On a totally different note, does anybody watch HGTV other than me? In addition to an unwholesome addiction to Green Lantern comics, I ALSO simply adore moving furniture around and hunting for antiques. So I keep watching those silly decorating shows on television. I have to admit however, that I'm beginning to wonder if some of these shows are the main cause for the Housing meltdown and Mortgage Crises that we are currently facing. There is one show, the name of which escapes me, but it probably has the word "House" in it, but the premise is that some woman comes in with a Realtor, and they sneer at the decorating job the homeowners have spent untold thousands of dollars on. The homeowners then shiver with anticipation as the Realtor tells them how much he or she could "list" their house for. The homeowners then burst into tears, or jump up and down, and go and refinance for every last penny they can wring from the bank, to put in MORE home improvements.

Notice, the key word here, is the price that the Realtor can "list" their house for. Not "sell" their house for. There is also the rather peculiar supposition, that no one on the planet can sell their house, unless there are granite countertops in the kitchen and a triple showerhead in the bathroom. I also don't really think that mortgaging your house up to...and beyond...the absolute hilt, is a particularly fiscally prudent move to make. And you wonder why there are so many foreclosures.

I'm redoing my kitchen. I've been redoing my kitchen for months. I have the wallpaper scraped off the walls, and that is how they have been sitting..for quite some time now. Some day I'll even spackle and paint them. But I refuse...categorically refuse...to put in granite countertops. Because I know that the minute I do so, they will immediately go out of style, and we'll all stand around and sneer at them like a 1970's style den. I'm not buying a restaurant style stove either. My stove is almost 50 years old, and works just fine.

Well! That was refreshing!

Now I'll go out and buy my new comic books. And ENJOY them!


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

"Oh, YES!" Sea yells while punching the air, "I DO watch HGTV! You really don't wanna see the things I've done to my house as a result of watching HGTV!"

Seriously, though -- Yes, I've seen that show. I always snicker at the dramatic, overly-long pause after the realtors says, "Your house is WORTH ...!" -- while the poor homeowner stands there, obviously trying not to dance in place, while waiting for the realtor to spit out the stupid answer during the pause that's ONLY for the benefit of the viewing audience. Cruel, cruel show. :-)

My favorite home-improvement show, though, is on the STYLE channel. Why it's not on HGTV is beyond me, but Clean House is a hoot and a half. Niecy Nash just cracks me up, and it's always fun to watch the designer, Mark Brunetz, try REALLY HARD not to have a hissy fit when he can't do whatever he wants to people's homes. It's a darn good thing the Clean House people aren't a super-hero team!

At 2:17 PM, Blogger Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

HGTV and all the house-flipping shows should be made to pony up to pay for this stupid mortgage bailout bill that the collective Dufi in congress want to saddle me with.

Sadly, because of cable I now care about:

A total stranger that comes into women's homes and cooks dinner for them while keeping them from jumping his bones.

People I would never spend time with that drive large trucks across ice.

A couple with 10 kids that don't lose their minds every day and make me realize how harsh I was with my two.

People that want to open up their own restaurants but let a bald headed man tell them their food doesn't taste good.

Personally, I want a reality show about playing board games and blogging about comics.

At 7:41 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Sea, that dramatic pause also drives me nuts. Just TELL THEM ALREADY!

The idea of decorating your house, simply to sell it also baffles me. Is everyone who comes in to look at it, incapable of conceiving how it would look with the addition of a little paint?

Dwayne, a reality show about blogging and board games would be great, but YOU would have to be the one starring in it. Oh, and barbecueing.


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