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Friday, May 30, 2008

Pure Happiness

Finally the new books came in, and it was one HECK of a week. I can hardly contain myself. Green Lantern was fabulous of course, but I'll be reviewing that one separately.

Blue Beetle #27 was a nice book. Not quite up to the standards set by Mr. Rogers, but that's one heck of a tough act to follow. Nevertheless, it was a good issue, with Jaime and Traci going out on a date that was predictably interrupted by shenanigans. The idea that the nerds in their mother's basement were using demons for their petty revenge was a cute one. Jaime came to the uncomfortable realization that he and the Scarab can't solve every problem on their own. Well done, although there wasn't any Paco dialogue, which was a shame.

Fables #73 is getting to the nitty-gritty, as the Fables are actually bringing the battle directly to the Homelands and the Adversary. There are some very interesting strategies going on, and excellently written and drawn as always.

Final Crises finally hits the stands. I liked it. It had Hal and John and lots of Guardians and even Alpha Lanterns in it. It had the Justice League doing what the Justice League does. It didn't seem to remotely concern itself with any of the plotlines left over from Countdown or Death of the New Gods, and I frankly, consider that to be a point in its favor. Pretty art too, which is always nice. Too bad about J'onn though. However, since this is just book One, I'm going to contain my anguish over what happened to J'onn until more of the story has been told.

Huntress #2 was interesting. As I stated before, I don't know much about Huntress other than what I've picked up from her appearances in Birds of Prey, and much earlier, in the the old JLI. She seems awfully ruthless here, but then again, they ALL seems like rather unpleasant people. I am interested enough to keep buying the book, and seeing how this all works out.

JSA:Classified. I just like Ted Grant. He's such a fabulous old Fart.

All-Star Superman #11. Man, we're getting close to the end, and this was another excellent issue. I LOVE the interaction between Lex and his crazy niece, not to mention Lex's execution, which...naturally...doesn't quite go as planned. Too bad about the baby Star Eater though.

I even got some Marvel books! Giant-sized Astonishing X-Men was actually very good. *sniff* Too bad about Kitty, but there is enough slack in her ultimate fate to make it fairly easy for another writer to bring her back. Beautiful art as always. And I found myself oddly enthralled by the interaction between Agent Brand and the Beast.

Thor#9 was nice. You'd think that after how many thousands of years that they would know not to believe a word that Loki says, but I don't think that Balder is particularly bright. I loved the bit with Bill and Kelda and the Asgardians playing basketball.

I even liked Ultimate Spider-man #122. Bendis seems to do so well with this book. I just go insane when I have to read Avengers and New Avengers and all the other stuff.

And the Starman Omnibus came in! Woohooooooooooooo! I had so much to read that I haven't even finished it yet, but I'm trying to savor it. I wasn't smart enough to read Starman when it first came out, so I'm coming to it a bit late, but manoman, is it delicious.

I hope that EVERYBODY enjoyed their comics this week. And if you didn't, then I don't want to hear about it.


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