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Friday, June 08, 2007

Birds of Prey, #107

Yahoooo! Oh, this was loads and loads of fun, and I DON'T mean that in a sarcastic way, but in a happy and delighted way. All kinds of fantastic things happen, the dialogue is a hoot, and the art is lovely.

When last we left our intrepid heroes, the Birds were all fighting the Secret Six, and Ice had woken up, and was VERY cranky. Well...Ice is STILL cranky and the rest of them are starting to realize that fighting amongst themselves may not be the smartest move they can make. Oracle is still feeling a bit on the helpless side, since Spy Smasher has basically hi-jacked her whole operation, and Zinda is moping because she's feeling left out.

What I find to be an amusing thing is that practically all of the various opponents are flirting quite madly with each other...in their own special ways of course. But Catman and Huntress are just adorable together, and I really do hope that they don't drop this burgeoning relationship.

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Catman has just admitted to Huntress that they may be a team of A-holes, but they aren't really that bad, and they didn't know they were supposed to be kidnapping a slightly confused Ice Princess. Huntress relents...who could say no to that face, and now they only need to get the rest of their merry horde under control.

Meanwhile, General Kerimov is busy gloating and planning a little murder and mayhem. He wants to go to Ice and manipulate her some more. He's also sent in a team of old-fashioned Rocket Reds to wipe out BOTH the Secret Six and the Birds. Huntress knows that they have to stop fighting each other, and pay attention to the more immediate peril, but Barda and Knockout are just having too much fun whuppin' each other. And Ice isn't backing down either.

Huntress is doing her best to talk some sense into her, but it's not working until Oracle comes up with a cunning plan.

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Whoohoooo! Guy's not even THERE, and he ends up saving the day! The thought of Guy is enough to jolt Ice back to reality, and our sweet little Ice Goddess is back! Then that nasty ol' General shows up, and it's pretty obvious that he's been manipulating Ice all along, and isn't about to stop. So Deadshot takes matters into his own hands.

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I'm sorry, there's probably something wrong with me, but I find that hilarious. Sometimes it's just more fun being the bad guys. Barda and Knockout have in the meantime fought to a draw more of less, and end up clasping hands, and enjoying themselves thoroughly. So...Zinda shows up in a (probably) stolen van and invites them all to hop in, so that they can get the heck out of there, and back to the plane. Spy Smasher, with her innately terrible sense of timing, yells at her, because she was supposed to wait with the plane, she didn't obey orders...and she's fired.

What? Zinda looks incredulous, and then she looks angy, and of course Spy Smasher just WON'T shut up, and then...
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Way to go Zinda! That's how a Lady Blackhawk rolls! Spy Smasher of course, being stupid as well as overbearing goes for her guns, but turns out that Zinda has her covered already. She also tells her to take her operation and shove it. Huntress tries to help, but Zinda isn't having any of it, turns and walks away into the trees. She'd rather walk home than ride with Spy Smasher. And you know what? I'd bet money that next issue, Zinda shows up safe and sound!

Spy Smasher tries to bloviate a little more, and Huntress tells her to sit down and shut up, and lo and behold, she does it. Huntress also gets on the horn to Oracle and tells her that she's got to DO something about Spy Smasher. Meanwhile, Misfit is acting as stewardess for everyone on the plane.
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Oh Ice, you sweet sweet thing. And finally, Oracle tells Huntress not to worry, and that she wants to have a little...chat with Spy Smasher when they get back.

I really hope that they keep some of the great character moments going that Gail Simone established here, the budding attraction between Catman and Huntress is great, I am surely hoping that Oracle delivers a comeuppance of epic proportions to Spy Smasher, and if Guy and Fire don't show up to greet Ice, I'll be GREATLY annoyed.


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

So, is it just me, or have the Rocket Reds become the whipping boys of the DCU? These days, it seems like if there isn't a Green Lantern available to kick their collective butts, someone else -- like the BoP or JLA -- is required to step in and do it. Seriously, I'm kinda starting to feel sorry for these tin-plated bozos.

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm trying to wait for the trade, really, but this storyline has been SO tempting.


At 6:19 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well...I think that these are OLD Rocket Reds, but yeah, they are pretty pathetic. Heck, Manhunter's little boy Ramsey can probably take one down. I also didn't get the impression that they were all that enthusiastic about enforcing that General's orders.

I'm still giddy that Ice is back.

At 6:43 AM, Blogger GiantKillerMantis said...

Yeah, such a great issue! Huntress and Catman are great together. Zinda has been a fave since she showed up, but when she decked Spy Smasher i was cheering. She is awesome. I'm with you: I hope the next creative team understands that this book works because of the characterizations, and that all of the cool moments flow out of who they are.


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