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Friday, June 01, 2007

A Review of Green Lantern #20

Firstly ignore those two other posts. I hit the wrong darned button. So, let's get to it.

That's a nice cover by Ivan Reis and Moose Bauman. Granted, Hal is ogling her bosoms, but I think we all know by now, that he just can't help himself. And the art on the inside is just as good, by Daniel Acuna, who also does the coloring. There is a painterly aspect to it, that appeals to me.

Well, the Zamorans have showed up, and are still bound and determined to conquer the universe with LOVE! And as much as he's been enjoying being Archie to Cowgirl's Betty, and Carol's Veronica, Hal is getting a little bit fed up. He goes up and engages the Zamorans while
Carol makes herself useful and manages to get the Star Sapphire off of Jillian(Cowgirl). The two of them manage to find some clothes...it is VERY handy that they are in the Honeymoon Hotel. In keeping with the "Archie" reference, Cowgirl even calls Carol "Veronica" which made me snicker. Of course Carol manages to give Cowgirl an "I am Easy" t-shirt to wear.

Meanwhile, the Zamorans are insisting that Hal chose between the two women, and that if he doesn't allow the Star Sapphire to love him, they'll force it on him. Hal responds, by saying that "No means NO, sweetheart." Heh heh. They are just about to crush his skull in, and I must say that there is a very nice portrayal of him with his teeth all gritted, when he goes and does the completely unexpected...he grabs one of the Zamorans and plants a huge wet one, right on her lips.

Cut to Carol and Jillian looking completely horrified and grossed out. Hal is grinning, and the Zamoran seems a bit bewildered, but it fools the Sapphire gem, and it immediately gloms onto the Zamoran. For some reason the other Zamorans are a bit peeved...especially since the new Star Sapphire whups their butts They decide that perhaps they need to rethink this whole thing, and Hal manages to free both Carol and Cowgirl...and they all decide that perhaps they could really use a drink.

So, they end up back at the pilot bar that got trashed in the first episode. Oddly enough, nobody seems to remember that Hal turned into Green Lantern. Maybe they just weren't paying attention, or maybe weirder stuff than that happens all the time, who knows? Cowgirl gets her cowboy hat back, which makes her very happy. The waitress comes over and asks what she can get them all, and in unison, Hal and Cowgirl say BEER, while Carol asks for a dirty Martini, which flusters the poor waitress. This in a nutshell seems to sum up the differences between Carol and Jillian. There is a little bit of awkward conversation, and then a rather strained silence amongst the three of them, where they all just sit there and eye each other. It is a rather poignant moment really.

At this point, Carol gets up and excuses herself, perhaps realizing that Hal really and truely has moved on. He and Jillian are polite, but you can almost hear the sigh of relief when they don't have to make conversation with Carol anymore. Cowgirl still is absolutely sure that Hal isn't hankering after Carol, but he states pretty matter-of-factly, that he's moved on too...and what is she doing on Saturday night? And they smile at each other.

Back on Zamaron, the ladies have managed to pry the Star Sapphire off of their sister, and have a much-needed conversation about their whole modus operandi. They realize that perhaps they've been just as single-minded as the Guardians, and decide to turn the Sapphires into...Rings. Then there is a FWASHH...and a purple battery shows up. They even have this rather cool room with a purple, green and yellow battery...and room for four more! Most interesting. They are going to try and combat the Prophecy...whatever that may be, so I'm still not sure if they are going to be on the side of the Guardians, or against them, but things will be hitting the fan in short order.

Finally, there is a rather nice scene where Hal goes to Ferris Air, just to check up on Carol and also to visit a bit with Tom, which is always nice. That's when we find out that Carol is newly divorced, which I suppose is a handy thing for Hal to know.

I have to say that the art just shone in this issue. Mr. Acuna draws a gorgeous version of Hal...in addition to everyone else as well. There is even a nice side butt shot near the end. These three issues were a bit of a romp to me, a chance for Hal to catch his breath and have some witty/snarky banter with some lovely women, before all the stuff with Sinestro comes crashing down upon him and the Green Lantern Corps.

There is also a backup story for the Sinestro Corps, by Mr. Johns, and Dave Gibbons that is fun. This time, they are telling the tale of Bedovian, who lurks inside of this shell construct, just waiting for prey to happen along. He hasn't eaten in 600 years, so he's a tad on the famished side, when he manages to snare this nice Miner. He drags him inside his shell and immediately starts to digest him, which is rather gruesome. Then he goes back to waiting. AND he manages to snag the yellow ring.

In the meantime, Amon Sur has to enter one of the Fear Lodges, in order to confront his own fear, and make it work for him, by re-igniting his ring. This is Sinestro's way of winnowing out the weak, I suppose. So he goes in, and we find that the thing that he is the most afraid of , is...Jordan.

Nicely done.


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zamaron (totally bewildered): "What are you doing, Guardian dog?"
Hal (grinning hugely): "Trying not to throw up."
Priceless. :-) I agree -- this entire arc was highly entertaining and, for me, laugh-out-loud funny. Hal is such a ho, bless him. :-)
I was under the impression that the Zamarons were planning to "collect" the members of the Green Lantern and Sinestro corps, but perhaps I'm mistaken ...? I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming war.
Thank you very much for creating this blog, by the way. I greatly enjoy reading your reviews.

At 8:12 PM, Blogger FoldedSoup said...

Any chances of seeing some Cosplay girl dressing up as the modern Star Saphire at San Diego Con?

'cause I'd like to see that. And not for the obvious reason. Well, in addition to the obvious reason.

(Why, the costume's logistics alone...!)

Still, that one seemed like a really fun arc! Thanks for letting me "read" it through you!

At 8:49 PM, Blogger rachelle said...

Acuna paints a very pretty Hal Jordan. I love it.

I loved Hal being all "So...who wants a drink?"

At 6:05 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Dear Sea of Green,

I LOVE your name by the way. And thank you for your kind words. Hal did seem to be enjoying himself an awful lot lately.

Soup, my dear, I can't even begin to imagine how double-sided tape would have to used to recreate that costume. Or how painful it would be taking it off afterwards.
(crosses eyes)

Rachelle, Hal WAS awfully bouncy afterwards,wasn't he? I almost expected him to start skipping. I'm not too sure that Cowgirl is taking the right approach however. Hal always seemed to enjoy the chase more than the capture, if you know what I mean. (nudge nudge, wink wink) She's not playing hard to get at ALL!

At 7:23 PM, Blogger BlueBeacon said...

What drew me was the story and the art. I particually liked that the Zamaron's will now form there own corps,plus they will start collecting the other powered color sources before others can. You see I have a theory that when the Zamaron says " <...We Must Collect Them All.> " she means the other colors because there are seven spots and three have been filled,all that is left is blue,indigo,orange,and red. They have to collect the rest to combat this prophecy they keep talking about. I can't wait to see the first Violet lantern!I wonder if they will pick Carol again since she was the first one picked? Green represents willpower,yellow represents fear,and violet represents love,but what do the other colors represent?


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