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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh Ted, Come Home...We Miss You

Blue Beetle

Yes, I know that there are other Blue Beetles. There was Dan, who frankly I don't know a whole lot about, and darling little Jaime, who is just as cute as he can be. But Ted Kord will always be the Blue Beetle to me.

So just bring him back already!

There has been some opinion going around that nobody even liked Ted until after he was dead. Now they are making him out to be the greatest thing around since Saran Wrap. While some of that may be true, I don't think that it is the whole picture. Ted had been around for quite a while, he was in the Justice League for a VERY long time, and I think that we had just gotten used to him. And then...BANG! He's gone, and while I think that Countdown was a very well-told story, I was aghast. Not in the Head!

Ted was fun. So is Booster. They had one of the greatest friendships in comic books, and I miss that cameraderie. Ted was smart, although he didn't always act like it. It's one of the reasons that I like him so much more than Batman. Ted didn't have any special powers, he dressed up in a silly suit, to honor his friend, and armed with his atheletic skills and his brains and his ability to invent awesome awesome toys, went out and fought the good fight. And enjoyed himself all the way. Batman on the other hand, sits in a damp, guano-filled cave and probably mumbles to himself.

Besides, Ted was cute.

Blue Beetle


Ted also had a rather doofy kind of charm. I still love the fact that he and Barbara/Oracle were SO doing it...at least in cyber-space. I also still think that they'd be a much better pairing than she and Nightwing ever were. Women LIKE Ted. They may not take him particularly seriously, but they like him.

Blue Beetle

Ted had a bizarre sense of humor. The whole KooeyKooeyKooey disaster for example. C'mon, you've got to admit that it was funny. Stealing J'onn's chocos, torturing Guy, hitting on Wonder Woman, he does manage to enjoy himself.


*choke* Now, I can't see this without getting all misty-eyed. While we are at it, let's see if we can rehabilitate poor old Max Lord. I LIKED Max. I liked his shifty-eyed enthusiasm, his greed and his ability to shirk doing anything he didn't like. He was great character, and he should never had been turned into a villain. He was so much better as a slightly shady businessman and manipulator.

Booster Gold has a new book coming out, and I will be hoping that he can do something..anything to right this grevious wrong.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I don't think the gripe is so much that nobody ever liked Teddy-Boy ever, but in Countdown to Infinite Crisis, he was pretty much dumped on by the entire DCU (save for Wonder Woman). Now, all of those characters (apparently) are talking about how cool he was, and I think some fans are seeing a disconnect.


At 1:21 AM, Blogger Volcano Todd said...

I laughed so hard when I saw this. And yet, I made me so sad. Why, why, why did they make Max a villain and have him kill Ted?! I agree that Countdown was a good story and all, but it pains me. I'm with you about the new Booster Gold book. Here's hoping they use the 52 to bring back Ted and our lovable greedy, but not homicidal, Max...

BTW, I LOVE your blog. Been reading it for a long time, but haven't really posted much.

At 7:04 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Thank you Todd. I just get depressed that they basically dumped two very well written and fleshed out characters for shock appeal.


I do like the fact that Wonder Woman is mad about Ted and says so, since as you say Matt, she was one of the very few that actually believed him.

I also think that it is in character for Guy to be missing Ted. He wasn't even around during the whole brouhaha, which is a shame because I'm sure that he would have also been amongst the small number of heroes who sided with Ted...if for no other reason than to piss off Batman.

As for the rest of them, I am assuming a whole lot of guilt.

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Blue and Gold!!!

Ted will always be Blue Beetle to me, don't get me wrong the others are all aright but, Ted is what I grew up with. Ted was the guy that tended to take a lot of shit but, always tried to be upbeat when things went to crap.

On a complete side note, a book on the Blue Beetle just came out awhile ago. I haven't bought it ...yet but, I've heard good things. Link is below:



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