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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Birds of Prey #104

Normally, I would be doing the Ion review right about now, but I'm still too giddy. I must admit that I'm still fairly new to the Birds, but I have been having a lovely time amongst the back issue boxes. I must say however, that Gail Simone is one heck of a writer. And Nicola Scott is an amazing artist.

As the issue opens, there is a little side bit, with an unidentified woman climbing a tower in Russia. Remember this, it becomes inportant later on.

Then we are in the jet, being piloted by my beloved Zinda. I just really like Zinda, I don't know why. Spy Smasher, Oracle's old buddy/enemy has managed to finagle her way into the team, and Oracle isn't too happy about it, but there isn't a whole lot she can do about it at the moment. Meanwhile, Barda is bleeding in her seat, from at least three bullet holes. She is of course, completely composed and even blase about the whole thing, while the rest of them are getting completely freaked out. Huntress lends her an arrow, for which she is quite grateful.

Then Huntress and Barda end up under-cover at a party in Azerbaijani of all places. They do look fabulous, in lovely formal gowns, and keep getting hit on by all the drooling male guests. They are supposed to be the bodyguards for Aleksandr Creote, but they are really there to make off with a certain piece of merchandise.

Meanwhile, the merchandise is being guarded by the Secret Six...which is just so perfect, that i can't stand it. Thomas Blake, aka Catman asks Helena, aka Huntress to dance, and they are flirting like mad, until he loses it...and licks her ear. He's mortified, and she's outraged, but it IS funny. Then she goes and throws a meatball at his head, and all is forgiven. I must say that Catman is GORGEOUS!

As the villain bloviates about Mother Russia and so on, Oracle warns Barda, that she's not the only one from Apokolips there, Knockout is also present, and this could cause a problem. Before Barda can make a discreet retreat, she's spotted, and whacks Knockout with her mega-rod.

Heh heh. Mega Rod! I love it.

She grabs the merchandise, which rather oddly turns out to be an old Rocket Red suit of armor, and runs for it. Helena grabs Thomas and plants a wet one on his lips and books as well. They all jump in a van with the suit of armor and hit the streets, closely followed by the rest of the Secret Six, in a really nice sports car. Alas, it stays a really nice sports car for only a few minutes, because it gets pounded into a pile of tin by...Hawkgirl! Tadaaaaaa! She was the unknown female figure waaaaaay back at the beginning. She expresses some regret for trashing the very nice car, and Oracle promises her a new one, which delights her...as well it should.

The rest of the Six are in a pickle, but never fear, since Scandal is on her way on a motorcycle, while wearing a tux no less. In the meantime, Helena and Barda figure that they had better open up the suit of armor, to make sure that it isn't a bomb or something.

This leads to one of the greatest final reveals that I have seen in a very long time. They open up the Rocket Red suit, and discover that there is a body inside. And it is Tora Olafsdottir, also known as Ice. From the Global Guardians. From the Justice League. Thought to have been killed by the Overmaster waaaaaaaay back when in one of the stupidest deaths of a hero ever. Not THE stupidest, but right up there.

And she's breathing.

I'm so happy I could plotz.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger rachelle said...

I did go buy this issue and I read it and...Catman! Looking so good! And licking Huntress! I lost it! Amazing!

I'm going to find some time to get caught up on BoP. I love Gail Simone so much, and yet I am unable to stay on top of her flagship series.

At 6:25 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It really was a pretty funny issue. I also loved Huntress and the meatball. And Barda is just amazing.

And I still can't stop babbling about Ice.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Thought to have been killed by the Overmaster waaaaaaaay back when in one of the stupidest deaths of a hero ever.

I betcha Mark Waid was doing a little jig, "She's back, she's back, no more guilt for me"

At 8:37 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I like Mark Waid's writing, so I won't yell at him, but yeah, it was pretty dump. Apparently, Gail Simone, who is friends with Waid, asked him about it, and he was all for the resurrection, which makes me happy.


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