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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Green Lantern Corps #10

Well...ok, I've got to break down and admit that as much as I love this book, it was a bit of a letdown after the taut, edge-of-your-seat storytelling that Keith Champagne gave us in the last three issues. This tale tends to ramble a bit, and while there are some very nice moments, it seems to all be setup.

First of all, EVERYONE is acting like idiots for some reason. Salakk is having an absolute hissy fit for some reason, and has once again banned Guy from any shore leave for another year. Excuse me?

Soranik is lurking on Korugar, dispensing small bits of justice and medicine, trying to change her people's minds about the Green Lanterns. Kilowog and Iolande show up to save her, but she's not particularly grateful, and she and Iolande practically start clawing each others eyes out at one point.

Kilowog is feeling very cranky.

Guy has to go off and help out two guys, Quond and Tanakata Z rescue some bugs and fix their hive. Right from the start, the two Lanterns are mean and rude, and Guy isn't any better. What the heck is going on?

Vath takes Isamot to Mogo for some quality time, and he runs into Green Man, who is acting very strangely. In fact with the exception of Isamot...EVERYONE is acting strangely! Finally, Kilowog goes off to visit Mogo too, and flies right through a sinister yellow cloud of little glowing...thingies.

What I think is happening, is that certain ramifications of the machinations of the Sinestro Corps are making themselves felt...in strange, small and weird ways. I guess that is why everyone is acting so unpleasant.

The art was a bit confusing in this issue as well. Pat Gleason does some of it, and Dave Gibbons does the rest. Both are excellent artists, but their respective styles are very very different, so it is a bit jarring to see them juxtaposed on the pages.

Nevertheless, there are some small fun moments. For one thing, Boodika shows up, in a group with Kilowog, Brik and Ke'haan, which is fun. She even seems to be flirting in a way with Guy, and I SWEAR that she and Brik are ogling Guy's behind as he flies off.

And there is a magnificent shot of Kilowog yelling "ENOUGH!" at Iolande and Soranik, spittle flying and crushing his coffee mug in his hand, that just cracks me up...the looks on all of their faces is priceless.

So...things are looking rather ominous. I want to slap Salakk, Guy is behaving like a two-year old, and the other Lanterns aren't behaving a whole lot better. But there is a whole lot more Kilowog, which is a good thing.


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Toriach said...


I don't want to give away too much as I'm going to be reviewing GLC 10 in depth in my blog, but a couple of things since I can't help but share with my sister in Green Lantern love.

I think you are dead on with the Sinestro Corps connection.

I do think some of the characters were acting a bit odd, but I honestly don't think that Guy or Salakk were among them. I personally found Guy's reaction to the two lanterns asinine behavior to be in keeping with the fact that he does not suffer fools. And as for Salakk, at first when I started reading GLC I thought he was out of character but then I thought back to his days in the '80 GL comic when it briefly became GLC. He's always been a bit of a bite in the ass. And now? Well honestly I think although he'd never admit it, that he's never really gotten over the death of Ch'p who was his best friend.

As for the art, I was okay with the approach used, since basically anything to do with Guy used one artist and anything to do with Soranik used the other. My bigger problem has to do with Dave Gibbons. Don't get me wrong I really like his art, but his style which is so great for making basically humanoid figures look believable, throws me out of the story when used for slightly more exotic characters.

Over all though I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next issue.



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At 7:42 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I look forward to your review!

Yeah, something weird is going on. Isamot seems to be the only one not affected, which is interesting.

And the two Lanterns that Guy is supposed to be helping are REALLY acting strangely, espcecially, since they had been portrayed in earlier issues as pretty nice guys, helping out Vath for example, while Isamot was wrestling with his hormones. Speaking of Vath, he was pretty insistant that Isamot go to see Mogo, so I'm thinking that he's infected as well.

I don't think that Guy has been infected yet...he's just being crabby.


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