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Friday, March 16, 2007

Gosh, but I love Kilowog

I'm not quite sure if I can explain the deep passion that I have for the Green Lantern's favorite drill sargeant, but I sure do love Kilowog.

Green Lantenrs

For one thing, he is an amazing visual. It can't be easy trying to come up with really interesting Aliens, and the Green Lanterns books are ALL about Aliens. But Kilowog just stands out for some reason. For one thing, he's REALLY big, over 7' tall, if I remember, and built accordingly, so there is definitely some major physical presence there.

In addition, his face is just amazingly original...at least in my eyes. Yes, he looks vaguely hippo-ish, but I think that is mainly because of his ears. His mouth is cool, with the little flesh thingies, and his massive jaw, and his little red eyes and bat-like nose all shouldn't work together...except that they do.

Plus, "Poozer" is just a neat word to say.

Mainly though, I like Kilowog, because he is an interesting character. He's certainly been around for a while now. He's the lone survivor of his planet, which was destroyed, restored and destroyed by Sinestro. He's managed to survive this disaster with a fair amount of grace and humility. Unlike Hal, he didn't go nuts and go on a killing spree. Like the good soldier that he is, he hid his pain, straightened up, and got back to work. He terrorizes the rookies, but it is for their own good, under that massive and forbidding exterior, he has the requisite heart of gold. Heck he even manages to get along with Salakk.

And, he's Guy Gardner's best friend. Actually, they are a lot alike, which may help explain it. Although he is friends with Hal, and John and Kyle, I've never really liked the way that Hal used to treat him. Kilowog had a bit of a crush on Arisia, and Hal would dismiss his feelings and call him "simple", which I always thought was pretty uncaring. but that's just Hal being Hal. Kilowog was also been good about looking after Kyle, which is a good thing...Kyle frequently needs looking after.

I love the fact that apparently he likes donuts, and coffee. Does he have them imported from Earth, or do they manage to replicate them on Oa? I think that it's funny that he is finding himself a bit flustered when it comes to dealing with Iolande. As a royal princess, she has absolutely NO problem with questioning his authority, and he's not used to that. If we need some new romantic entanglements, THAT would be a fun pairing.

So, I'm a little bit worried about him and what is happening in the latest Green Lantern Corps, with what appears to be the first cracks in the foundation of Oa from Sinestro. However, being Kilowog, I'm sure that eventually, he'll kick some bad guy tail, and yell "Poozer!" a lot.

As well he should.


At 6:36 AM, Anonymous oxy moronovich said...

Kilowog is essentially a party animal despite his drill sergeant attitude. Sometimes they tend to make him too moody. But I think he's best suited for comedic purposes. Not as a comic relief but more as that funny guy who manages to cheer you up in his own way even when he's got an attitude. Have they given Kilowog his own series, or do you know if that's going to happen in the near future?

At 8:10 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I don't think that it is the cards, but by God, I'd certainly buy it if they did.

And, like you, I prefer my Kilowog to be cheerful. Did you read Green Lantern's Recharge mini-series? Where he has to go and save the two rookie Lanterns, and yells, "Daddy's here, Poozers!"

I loved it.


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