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Thursday, May 19, 2016

More Tiny Reviews

Only three books this week.  It's great for my pocketbook, but lousy for my beloved Comic Book Store owner Matt.  On the other hand, he's hired a new helper, a young woman, in her twenties, and she is absolutely a ton of fun to talk to, since she's fairly new to the comicbook scene, but so...so enthusiastic!  And since I am usually the only woman in there, other than moms with kids looking for Pokemon cards, she has someone to talk to about all the creeps hitting on her. 

Usually only when Matt is out of the room.  But still.  I love Comics, but sometimes I hate them too.


Lucifer #6

Oh, those wacky Satanists! 

A young woman brings her new boyfriend home to meet the parents, and warns him that they are a little...unusual.  Old hippies, basically, who got stoned a lot and figured out that starting a church was a great way not to pay taxes, and have a lot of sex.  A win/win!  Of course there is more going on than is first suspected, but I will say, that I NEVER saw that coming! 

Different artist, in Stephanie Hans, and she does a fine job.  This is an odd book, but it is a Vertigo book, and one of the few that I read anymore, and well worth your time.

Robin,Son of Batman #12

Now that is one helluva cover!  Damian crouched in the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus!  I just love Dinosaur covers for some reason.  His arms are a little long, it might actually be an Allosaurus, or something. 

Damian is still fighting the Suren Darga, a kid about his size who wants to end the world to make his daddy happy.  Boy, there are a lot of comicbook people who have HUGE father issues.  Batman and Talia are there to help out, and snipe at each other.  Maya has been shot, but she's actually okay, although there is a bomb underneath that Bats has to stay behind and defuse, while Damian, Talia and Goliath go ahead.

Have I mentioned how much I love Goliath?

There is a whole lot of fighting, and the little monster actually wins, except that Damian refuses to give up and resorts to actually...talking, and telling the kid that his Dad is just using him and he doesn't have to die. It takes quite a while, but finally they sort things out, although Damian then slugs him, but there is a more or less happy ending, and the world doesn't...end.  Bats and Talia snarl at each other for a bit, and presumably have hot make-up sex later on. 

Pretty darned good.

International Iron Man #3

I...think that I'm going to be dropping this.  It completely contradicts stuff that is going on with Iron Man in other books, and I just....I just dont' think that I can deal with Bendisisms anymore.  The art by Alex Maleev is lovely of course, and it is a fairly interesting premise, but yeesh...Everyone sounds exactly alike in their dialogue, which is a problem that I have always had with Bendis, and it just gets too distracting after a while.

I actually like the Iron Man from the All-New All-Different Avengers the best, since he's the least dickish.  Unlike the other Iron Mans, he seems to be broke or something. 

I will say that I am staying away as far as possible from the new Civil War cross over.  The original one (NOT THE MOVIE!) was so incredibly and terribly terribly awful, that for years I refused to read Marvel.  I've been reading more and more recently because they have some insanely fabulous books, such as Ms Marvel, Thor, and Squirrel Girl, but I don't particularly like Carol/Captain Marvel, and I've already heard that there is a rumor that they are going to kill off She-Hulk, in which case I may implode with rage.

Seriously, we are still killing off characters for the non-shock value?  That ship sailed YEARS ago.  It shocks no one, it just pisses them off, and pissing off your readers seems to be a poor business plan...just look at DC.  Not that anyone is going to listen to me of course, but it helps to get it off my chest.

That turned dark, awfully quickly!

Just like Civil War II!


At 8:15 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I keep expecting someone in charge at Marvel or DC will twig to your point that shock deaths don't work any longer. The people who like the character aren't happy, the people who didn't don't care, and everyone expects it to be undone the first time someone else wants to use them. They really need to just stop with that nonsense.

Also, how well are Bruce and Talia getting along while trying to help Damian?

At 12:31 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Bruce and Talia do remember to help out... in between sniping at each other. Damian does seem to spend a fair amount of time metaphorically rolling his eyes.

Yeah, the whole "Shocking Death" thingie is SUCH a cliché at this point. Actually it has been a cliché for about 25years now it seems. It is a crutch for weak writing in my opinion.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

When you said they would likely have make up sex I had this visual of Talia arriving 9 months later to drop off another bat kid and the Robins reactions. I always imagined Bruce trying to give them the safe sex talk before Alfred took over so I think they'd have something to say.

Yeah the shocking deaths don't even matter because their rarely given any weight. Their usually: 1.) Minor characters that barely get mentioned after they die or 2.) Return from the dead with their death being an inconvenience. At least things like Uncle Bens' death aren't forgotten about. Death should have an impact and IF a character returns they should be affected by the experience. So should their loved ones who grieved and now have to overcome all the emotions they should have at the person returning.

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