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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Still In A Daze

I am still recovering both from the Republican "Debate" of Thursday evening, and the last Jon Stewart appearance on the Daily Show.  Both were hilarious and heartbreaking.

Firstly, I watched the "Debate" in the company of my smart-ass youngest daughter, and we had ourselves a completely rollicking good time.  The noise level got a little high, so my Sweet Babboo had to go into another room and put the Beach Boys on maximum level in order to retain his own sanity.  I have also found that yelling at the television, no matter HOW loudly you do it, rarely gets a response.    I've noticed that when watching  "Jeopardy" as well.  I keep yelling out the answers and they never ever listen to me.

But that was some seriously insane entertainment!

And then everyone who was ever on the Daily Show came on, and I got to see Stephen Colbert again, and Rob Riggle, and Wyatt, and Lewis Black, and Samantha Bee and so many others, AND Springsteen came on at the end and played with the entire E Street Band, and it was a heck of an evening. 

Also, it's not hot and muggy anymore!  It's cool and crisp, and more like a late September day than an August one, and I am happy as a clam.  If indeed clams can be happy.  It is a question that I have always considered to be moot.

Also Loki showed up on the new cover of the new Thor book that will presumably be coming out after all the Secret Wars/Battleworld stuff if finally over, and that lifts my spirits as well.  So everybody have a nice weekend! 

Hell, it's August already?


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