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Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Reviews

Hey, I'm actually on time this week!

Batgirl Annual #3

This was fun.  There are multiple artists, and the action moves between different books, with a team-up with Dick Grayson and Helena Bertinelli as Babs is searching for some terrorists called Gladius.  A bunch of scientists have been kidnapped, taking over the world, the usual.  Dick is terrified that Barbara will spot him and realize that he's not dead.  They do some fighting, he disguises himself as an old guy, but then she gets a good shot of his magnificent rear end, and almost catches on. 

Then she runs across Spoiler, who is trying to develop some street cred or something, and they catch the escaped Bad Guy...er...Girl, who naturally escapes again, but Spoiler was fun.  Then she teams up with Bat Woman, and they rescue an old Marine who is friends with Kate.

Finally, she ends up at Gotham Academy, looking for the relic with the last clue, or whatever, it's all a little vague, but it gives the artists and writer a chance to romp through Gotham, and that's good enough for me. Teams up with Olive and Maps,  finds the film, and the day is more or less saved.

Cute, and fun.

Daredevil #17

Oh God, this wasn't remotely cute, but it sure kept me on the edge of my seat!  Matt has made the proverbial deal with the devil, in trying to work with the Kingpin, who naturally is ten steps ahead of him. Matt isn't exactly dealing from a position of strength, but he's getting desperate.  The Kingpin has Kirsten and Foggy, and he also has Julia Carpenter, who the Shroud has been obsessed with finding. 

It's all going to crap, and Kingpin laughs at Matt and sics Ikari on him. You remember, he's that guy who has basically all of Matt's powers, plus he can see. They are fighting and fighting and Matt is holding his own, but that's about it, when the Shroud shows up, and it all goes even more sideways. The Shroud kills Ikari, which is terrible, because the Kingpin swore he'd kill one of the hostages.

Oh crappity crap crap!  God, I do love this book. Why are they ending it again?

1602: Witch Hunter Angela #2

This is part of the whole Battleworld thing, and if you want Shakespearean Angela, then this is the book for you. It's actually pretty good. Angela and Sera are out looking for Faustians, and end up with a medieval version of the Guardians of the Galaxy at a pagan wedding, and faeries and stuff.  It's rather fabulous really.

Sera tells a story, with her own twist on it, and seeing Angela almost faint from embarrasment is a lot of fun. But there is a problem, since the Enchantress has laid a curse, that if three Faustians are killed, so is Sera.

Pretty darned good!

Thors #2

All the Thors, and I do mean ALL the Thors are on Battleworld, and are the police force. Beta Ray Bill has been murdered, and they are also investigating the multiple deaths of Jane Foster. Donald Blake comes into it as a suspect, and Ultimate Thor fights with Odinson Thor, and in the end, they drag in Loki as a suspect too.

I do hope that it's not mean nasty old Loki ,because having Loki as the inevitable villain would be a real step backwards for me.

It's not bad at all either. 

I still want to actually read about the REAL Marvel and DC characters, and this whole Secret Wars/Battleworld thing is getting old real fast.  But not a bad week, all things considered.


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