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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Review Time

Well now, that wasn't a bad little week at all.

Fables: The Wolf Among Us #3

I am actually enjoying this little flashback enormously, since I have missed Snow and Bigby.  The current Fables storyline seems as though it is only going to end...badly, which upsets me a lot because a Fairy Tale deserves a Happy Ending!

I am such a sap.

Well, they find the dead girl's husband, the prince, who has apparently shot himself, but as is usual with Fables, it didn't take. Tweedledee and Tweedledum show up, as the muscle for the as-yet-unknown-villain.  I would be normally betting on Bluebeard, but Ichabod Crane is also a possibility.  Or it could be someone completely unknown as yet. 

Anyhoo...it's good and fun, and that's all that I really ask for.

Green Lantern Corps #40

Finally!  A good issue with the GLC!  More tomorrow.

Justice League United #10

Well, things had wrapped up a bit in the last issue, with J'onn saving the day except that in all the excitement, Brainiac let loose the ultimate weapon, and without Ultra to absorb it, it is now a runaway black hole. 


Everyone pitches in to stop it of course, and Brainiac manages to come up with some totally ridiculous ways to fix things, involving  Zeta Beams, and magic, and putting Thanagar and Rann in orbit around each other.  It's a little convoluted...but Gosh, I do love Comic Book Science! 

It works!  More or less, although of course, they may have altered the future, but hey.  The Legion goes back to the Future, to no doubt hold try-outs for Losers, just so that they can mock them, and the new little Justice League goes back to doing whatever it is that they do.  It's all rather heartwarming, and stuff, plus the villain isn't dead at all, but in the past, no doubt plotting future shenanigans. 

It's actually rather nice to have a book that realizes that yes, there needs to be a big threat, and that the heroes have to do their stuff, but that there also has to be a conclusion, and a victory, or else it just descends into a miserable steaming pile of depression.  Nice to have a rather old-fashioned attitude to the junior Justice League.  Ollie is still a jerk, Animal Man is fun, and I always enjoy J'onn and Star girl.  I'm actually warming up to Supergirl, although I started liking her in Red Lanterns, and whatserhame is okay I guess. 

So not bad at all.

Howard the Duck #1

I can't believe that Marvel revived this book.  I used to buy it back in the silly old days, and enjoyed it enormously.  My favorite Duck villain is still Doctor Bong! 

Anyhoo, Howard is still cranky, and still trapped in a World He Never Made.  He makes friends with a tattoo artist, and has apparently rented an office next to She-Hulk's which makes me happy, because even though her book has...(sob)...ended, I still got to read about her!  Win-Win!

Howard has set himself up as a private Detective, and manages to get a client who wants his jewelry back, from Catwoma...er...the Black Cat.  So Howard calls up Spider-Man for some help, but Peter is LESS than helpful.  So he goes and finds the loot on his own, along with the tattoo girl, and naturally gets into a fight with Black Cat and an intergalactic collector, and ends up in jail...again.

I love this.

Ms. Marvel #13

And speaking of love!  Kamala is doing some training with the Inhumans, which is probably a good thing.  Medusa is pleased, but a bit worried, because the Terrigan Mists seemed to have created any number of new Inhumans who aren't necessarily on board with her agenda.  And naturally Kamala runs across one, who is intent of taking over and busting up stuff. 

She also gets set up with a boy, the son of her parents old friends, who is getting into MIT, and used to pick his nose.  She's less than enthusiastic, until she actually sees him, and naturally he's gorgeous.  And he likes the same computer games that she does!  It is while they are out for a walk, with her brother acting as duenna, that they run across Kilowatt, who has a very bad attitude.  Kamala changes into Ms Marvel and clocks her, and then is shocked because she clocked her very very hard, which frightens her. 

Then it turns out that Kamran, the new boy saw her change...but that's okay, because he is an Inhuman too!


Fabulous as usual.

Thor #6

Freya is fighting with Odin, and probably for good reason, since Odin has put his evil brother in charge of stuff.  Not quite sure what he's thinking there.  Odinson is still wandering around in despair because he misses his Hammer.  He's also got a list of women that could possibly be candidates for the new Thor, and he's checking it off, and then checking it twice. 

One name he can cross off.  Jane Foster still has Cancer, and he had brought all the technology and magic that Asgard has, to cure her, but she refused to accept anything but the weakest, convinced that she can beat it herself. I don't see this ending well, and neither does Odinson, which is a bit of a shame. 

Also, Malekith and  Agger from Roxxon make a deal. We also find out how it is that Agger gained those Minotaur powers, and it ain't pretty. It is also quite possible that it is all going to backfire on him in a particularly nasty way, but that's simply a seed that has been planted.  Anyway, he wants to mine oil in Svartalheim, in return for the head of the Frost Giant that Malekith wanted.  They shake hands, and you just KNOW they are going to betray each other, and they know it too, and frankly, I'm looking forward to it.

I also loved the scene where Odinson goes and yells at Agent Coulson about the whereabouts of  Agent Solomon, who is another one on his list of possible Thor's.  He brought his Goat, Toothnasher with him, which just freaks the hell out of Coulson, and is quite amusing.

Finally the new Thor actually shows up and ends up facing...the Destroyer? 

God I do love this book.

Not a bad week at all!


At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

I'm betting Odin is being mind-controlled. Or just Guardian stupid.

At 6:31 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

That is a distinct possibility. Maybe it is evil old Loki. Or somebody else. Or, it's just Odin being a dick, which is something he is very good at.

At 6:24 AM, Blogger Mista Whiskas said...

I loved the Ms. Marvel too. I think this Inhuman storyline is going to serve as a metaphor for the experience of being Muslim in the US (navigating between the small minority of extremists in the faith and a public that all too often sees you as one of them). That the title can pull off that kind of thing while still being so fun shows how great it is.


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