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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

And...I'm Off!

And how! 

Anyhoo, off to the NETSA show at the lovely Foxwoods casino in Connecticut for the annual New England Tire Dealers trade show.  Always a good time to be had.  So probably not going to be posting for a couple of days.  And Squirrel Girl is supposed to come out today! 

I heard a rumor that Kyle is supposed to croak.  Maybe.  I honestly can't say that I even give much of a damn at the moment, because his own book has been so bloody boring.  I'm pretty sure that if such a thing happens, it won't be for very long.  They seem to be clearing the decks for the upcoming Convergence tripe that is coming in a month or two. 

I'm really starting to feel jaded about my comics, and that's a sad thing.



At 5:12 PM, Blogger Erin S. said...

Have a good time! :)

Yeah sometimes it's easy to feel jaded. As long as I have at least one book with my favorite characters I can be somewhat optimistic. Right now I'm mostly annoyed with comics except for a few books.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Thanks Erin, we just got back and I haven't pigged out quite this much in a very long time.

I agree about the state of our books. This new status quo for both DC and Marvel is making me nervous.


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