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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Rather a small week.  But not a bad week.  Oh, let's be serious.  There is never a really bad week when comic books are involved.  And my renovated bathroom is actually nearing completion!  And it's gorgeous!  And I really really really want to be able to take a shower in it.

Batgirl #37

I have to admit that I am loving this book.  The art is quirky and fun and pretty darned amazing.  The story is equally so. 

Someone has been imitating the new Batgirl, and robbing celebrities, and flashing glitter, and generally behaving in an unladylike manner.  Barbara is not particularly happy with the way her reputation is being stolen, and is doing her best to track down the malefactors.  Also, he image is being used by an avant-garde artist, much to her dismay.

And she does manage to track down her evil twin!  And it's the guy who is using her as art!  And he's doing this for more art!  Only, it backfires on him rather spectacularly, when nobody is impressed, which I found to be hilarious.  Hey, these kids may use cell phones and watch Kardashians, but they aren't stupid. 

A whole lotta fun.

Green Lantern Corps #37

Well, there is a faint glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, which can't come too soon for me.  Lately it seems as though the endless crossovers have become a marathon..something to be endured, in the hope that there will be a meager payoff in the end.  I really would like to just have stories about my favorite Lanterns doing their Lanterny thing. Is that too much to ask for?


So Malhedron, who was originally from Apokolips and knows all about Darkseid...even he has had it up to here with High Father's shenanigans, and he helps John and Sinestro in their rebellion.  The Indigo's are...probably wisely...staying out of things, they may have handed the lanterns over to High Father, but they aren't getting involved.  The Inidgos are the Switzerland of the Corps. 

Some of the Lanterns however, have been subjected to the stolen White Light from Kyle, and it turns them into New God mindless Slaves, which is a not very good thing for them.  So John shows up with that nifty shield, that the Weaponeer made for him, and he goes up against the crazy guy with the unbeatable hammer.  After a lot of threats, that crazy guy throws the hammer and shatters the shield.  Except that John now has...his hammer. 

What a maroon. 

So Sinestro is off to Earth, John is running a rebellion on New Genesis, and things seem to have turned the corner.  At least something is actually happening, which is a good thing.

It did have that incredibly gorgeous Darwyn Cooke cover though.

Justice League United #7

And speaking of beautiful covers, there is another Cooke Cover on this book, and it is a dandy. 

The JLU has teamed up after their original misunderstandings with the Legion and are trying to save the little kid Ultra, from the terrible future that Byth has in plan for him...a future that will eventually wipe out the 30th Century, so you can understand the Legion's problem.  J'onn goes into the kids mind and tries to help him, but gets tossed out by Byth. The only one that seems to really have a rapport with the kid is Equinox. 

But Byth escapes with Ultra, in a ship piloted by Hawkman who is still under Byth's thrall, and there is also an impending war between Thanagar and Rann, and they all get rescued by Sardath, even though the Legion sneers at their pathetic old-fashioned Zeta beam technology.

The art is pretty, Hawkman is still a jerk, and oh heck...I like this. 

Secret Six #l

I missed this last week. I was sorry because I love Gail Simone, so with bated breath, I dove right into it. 

It's not exactly what I was expecting.  Catman is still in it, and I love Catman.  But all of the others are different characters with the exception of Black Alice, who was probably my least favorite from before.  No Scandal, no Bane, no Ragdoll, no Jeanette...no Deadshot. 

And no Nicola Scott, who did such a superlative job of drawing all these wonderful characters.  Catman is still hot in the new art, but mainly because Gail has people saying that.  I'm not much impressed with the artwork by Ken Lashley, an artist that I am completely unfamiliar with.  It's a bit too scratchy for my taste, and it's hard to see what is actually going on a lot of the time.

But all of the six have been gathered together by...someone...and put in a boobytrapped room for...some reason....and they have to give an answer to...something or they'll be killed off, one by one.  Catman now apparently can't stand confinement, and there is a girl who can turn things into porcelain or something, and a dude who gets big, and the crazy girl Ventriloquist, Black Alice and Strix. 

I'll keep up with this for a while, but I hope that things improve.


Thor #3

Well, the new Thor is stuck without her hammer, fighting Frost Giants, who are apparently looking for Laufey's Skull, which for some reason is on Midgard.  That crazy Minotaur CEO of Roxxon is sure that he can keep the giants out, but goes up against Malekith, and there is a whole lot of posturing  going on. Oh, and she does get her hammer back, and destroys Laufey's skull, and kills a lot of Frost Giants, and oh incidentally original Thor shows up at the end.

And he is really pissed.

Nice art, and it is an interesting story so far.

And that's it for this weeks books.  A few hits and a few misses, but nothing completely terrible.  Now I am going to go and watch the contractors tear my kitchen apart.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Jeff McGinley said...

I do see promise in Secret Six, and given the turn over of the last series, familiar faces could come back...

But the art did make me sad. Scott's work had a way of making the ragtag group of lunatics and misfits look beautiful.

At 5:04 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

She certainly did. When you have a wonderful artist paired with a wonderful writer, amazing things happen. I liked the premise fine...but the new art was just so...murky.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'm sorry to hear the first issue of Secret Six wasn't more of a home run. Lashley's art was the part I was most concerned with.

Sally, I love your description of the Indigos as Switzerland. I picture them standing in the middle of a huge battle shouting, "we're not involved! We're not involved!" Perhaps Guy will punch them all in the face when this is over (if it ever ends).

At 6:15 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I actually have a little bit of sympathy for the Indigos. The Green Lanterns only seem to use them as a taxi service all over the universe, and as Indigo herself pointed out, they ARE all former criminals...and she doesn't want any part of what the New Gods have in mind, but neither does she want to get exterminated.

Pragmatism is something that doesn't show up too often in comic books.

At 8:33 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Well, that makes sense. I retract my wish to see Guy punch the Indigos.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

But it is always so much fun to watch Guy punch somebody!

At 5:59 AM, Blogger Mista Whiskas said...

I'm loving Batgirl too, making up for my sadness over She-Hulk being canceled (do you read Ms. Marvel, it's in the same vein as the new Batgirl imo).


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