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Friday, December 05, 2014

Green Lantern #37

Well, this is more of the same from Green Lantern Corps actually.  We have a bit of interaction between Sinestro and John.  Sinestro just can't help sneering a bit, because frankly, that's what Sinestro does best.  And I've always gotten the impression that he's not terribly impressed with John.  Again of course, you could say that Sinestro isn't impressed with anyone!  He's in for a bit of a comeuppance however, when he releases Parallax on their prison on New Genesis...and fails. 

Frankly I find this ridiculous.  We have spent years being told that the avatars of the Rings and Parallax in particular are the most powerful entities in the Universe, and the New Gods can shrug them away with ease.

Harumph, I say. 

But getting to the fun part, we have Black Hand amusing himself on Earth, and by cracky, I have to admit that I haven't enjoyed Black Hand this much in years. He's actually a whole lot more like the way he was when he first started out, as a not too competent baddie, but at least he's having some fun.  Hal of course is beside himself, and doesn't particularly appreciate Black Hand shoving poor old Martin Jordan in front of his son.

But Hal keeps it together and spells out the problems facing them, which has Black Hand intrigued.  And it makes a certain amount of sense for him to help, since it is a War and War is so very very good at Death.  So he calls up some Dead Green Lanterns, and off to the Source Wall they go, to meet up with Sinestro!  Who unfortunately along with John has been captured. 

Naturally, they run into Orion.  And actually Hal and Black Hand are doing pretty well, all things considered, and then Black Hand discovers what the Source Wall does..and he's simply enchanted. 

This wasn't a bad issue, although I think as a whole, this entire storyline is dragging a bit. We keep seeing the same scenes in each of the different books, and it's getting slightly tedious.  The New Gods have been set up as the most powerful threats in the Universe, and frankly, it's a bit much.  It's TOO much.  I know that the Lanterns are going to win eventually, but since the ante has been upped so high, it's going to feel like a cheat to me, and I haven't even read it yet. But Black Hand was a breath of fresh air, which rather surprises me.


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