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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #30

Well, in this issue, things are more or less put on hold, while we learn more about the Durlans.  My Goodness, they are not very nice people!   And they have been sowing distrust and mayhem across the Universe for eons.  Of course, the Guardians didn't help either.  The renegade Durlans who had gone amok, were dumped back on their relatively peaceful planet by the old Guardians, and mayhem naturally ensued. 


And naturally, the surviving Durlans blamed the Guardians.  And the Green Lantern Corps. 

Plus there are more Durlans on Mogo than originally thought.

Oh, and John does eventually find out that Earth is off limits, since Guy and his bunch are in control of Sector 2814 now.  He actually takes it better than might have been thought. 

Not a bad issue.  We find out some much-needed information about their foes, and there is a bit of action, when the Lanterns basically herd the Durlans on Mogo into the open where they can be captured.  Naturally, that's not all of them, and things are still going on with the Khunds and such.  John and Fatality make eyes at each other, and Von Daggle seems like a nice fellow...for a Durlan anyway.  Arisia is wearing her outfit that has the neckline which plunges to her waist again, which I found to be unnecessary. 

So...okay.  Not fabulous, but not bad.


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