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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Wednesday's Booty

So, the beginning of the month is always a bit of a small week for me.  But not a bad week by any means.  Of course, to be honest, in the years that I have been writing on this blog, I don't think that I have EVER said it was a completely bad week.  'Cuz I just love me some comics.  Most of the time, anyway.

Aquaman and the Others#1

For one thing, that is a pretty cover.  For another, the title just cracks me up.  It reminds me of the Gilligan's Island theme song for the first year, when they listed everyone, but just said..."and the rest" because it was apparently too hard to say..."the Professor and Mary Ann"!  So...we have Aquaman, and those other people that he used to hang out with, but doesn't much anymore, who all have some artifacts, and don't really seem to like each other all that much, but are forced to join forces because of...stuff.

But that would be an awfully long title, now wouldn't it?

But it is Dan Jurgens, and I like Dan Jurgens.  The art by Ian Medina is perfectly nice.  I have forgotten who most of these people are, incidentally, but the book does a decent job of telling us who they are, and what the whole setup is.  They all used to hang around with Arthur in his younger days, and there is some  sexual tension between him and one of the women, who hangs out in the Amazon, and a couple of the originals died, but hey...these guys are still around.  They all have some sort of artifacts that do cool things, but for some reason, they aren't working too well.

Turns out that the ousted old King of Atlantis, Atlan, stole the gold that made up the artifacts.  Since Arthur is related to him, his stuff still works, but the Others...not so well.  And there is this Sinister Group that of course is trying to steal those artifacts and probably use them for nefarious purposes.  Fortunately, the groups sent out to do the stealing are all pretty incompetent, and the Others are able to vanquish them even without their super powers, which tells you all you need to know about the Sinister Group.  Obviously they cheaped out on hiring henchmen!

Then on the last page, Omacs show up!  So I guess I'll be reading this for a while, because it isn't a bad book.

Fairest #25

To be perfectly honest, although I like Cinderella, I have been a bit put off by this latest  tale in Fairest.  It has dragged on for far too long, I keep getting half of the characters mixed up, and it really is a bit muddled.  But finally there is some forward progress. 

Cinderella's Evil Stepsister gets eaten by a large Tiiger-Fish-Shark, who has his charming side.  I wouldn't mind seeing him again.  The Three Blind Mice find out that they have been infiltrted, the evil Mice Men are doing...stuff, and Snow White is mad at Rose Red, which hints at the turmoil going on  in the Fables book.

Not terrible, but not really that great.  I'll be glad when this wraps up.  So far the best parts have been the covers, which have been pretty gorgeous.

Green Lantern #30

I have to say that I rather liked the art, by Martin Coccolo, and the colors by Tony Avina and Alex Sinclair.  There is a washed-out slightly faded look to it, almost like watercolors, that is rathe rnice. 

Hal has been screwing up right and left but apparently has finally come to realize that he's being a total idiot. and actually has asked...for help!  Hal of all people!  Fortunately, Salaak and Kilowog are right there to bail his butt out of trouble, along with some other Lanterns. 

We begin with a lovely shot of Mogo, and Morro, who has rebuilt the crypt honoring all the past Lanterns, and they all have a rather nice ceremony honoring Kyle, whom they all believe to be dead.  He isn't of course, but the idiot new new Guardians seem to think that making everyone think that he is dead, is some sort of brilliant idea.  Which only goes to prove that the new new Guardians are just as stupid as the old Guardians. 

But then they all go off for some reason to some neutral port, where they meet with the Khunds, and agree to a duel, and then they all bond over brews, which frankly seems more like the sort of thing that Guy would do, not Hal, but anyhoo, there they are.  Naturally Hal manages to defeat the Khund, which makes him sad, since they had sort've bonded in a warriorish kind of way.  But that's not how Khunds do things. 

Oh, and that little fishy Green Lantern flat out kills the Durlan, who was hiding on Mogo, but he's obviously up to no good, so it is probably another Durlan.  Maybe it's Von Daggle, who the heck knows? 

But not a bad issue. Hal is actually competent for a change.  That's a nice thing.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #3

New Loki isn't even in this issue, but you don't really miss him all that much.  Well, actually I did, but still, it's a great story about the shenanigans that OLD Loki is up to.  You may recall that the All-Mother, for reasons that I don't understand thought that it was a good idea to bring back the shade of evil old Loki, who naturally thinks that young Loki is a bit of a wuss. 

So, he goes into the past, and sets up all sorts of things with a very young Odin, who isn't at this stage of his life any smarter than Thor.  They kill a nice Otter-man, and run across some Vanir, and we see the beginnings of the Fafnir dragon, and gold, and what happened to Sigurd's sword, and all kinds of twists and turns, and it is quite delightful.  Delightful indeed! 

Man, I love this book.

She-Hulk #3

Another winner! 

So, Doctor Doom's heir Kristoff has come to Jen, because he wants asylum in America.  But since he has already been here for exactly a year, he only has half a day to see a judge.  The story is how Jen tries to get him to the courthouse, while...naturally...being chased by Doom Bots across the city.  Kristoff, is actually pretty amusing.  Blase' and aloof, but also rather dryly witty, nothing much fazes him.  Jen keeps beating up Doombots, and rather cleverly uses Patsy as a decoy, as they get the real Kristoff to the Judge. 

Of course, Doctor Doom shows up at the end, and snatches Kristoff away, and Jen vows to go after him,which is going to be loads of fun, I would imagine. I am also loving this book. 

Not a bad week at all!

And finally, since I am going to the NETSA trade show this weekend, and will be away from my computer, a final showing of some of my favorite Green Lanterns.

 photo glcofearth.jpg

Katma Tui! Salaak!   Arisia, Ch'p and Kilowog, whom I have already shown.  John! 

Oh, and Hal.


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

She-Hulk was absolutely brilliant this week. I loved Kristoff's characterization. It just makes so much sense for a mini-Doom to be so ... aristocratically rebellious. I can't wait for Jen to go to the rescue.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was quite amusing. You just knew that the real Doom was going to show up eventually...or did he?

At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Dermie said...

That extreme close-up of Patsy for her surprise reveal was somewhat terrifying though. LOL. I'm not sure if it was the eyes or the smile, or a combination of the two, but she looked kinda scary!

At 11:59 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

The art is a bit on the cartoonish side, which may account for it. But I actually...find it growing on me.


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