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Monday, March 31, 2014

In A Bit of a Rut

It seems to me, as though I have only been going through the motions lately.  Partly that is because it is early early early Spring, and because it SNOWED this morning on the way to work, and frankly, I am really sick of it.  Partly, it is because I am in a bit of a funk over my comics.  There are some nice bright spots out there, but for the most part, it is been pretty blah.  "Forever Evil" Just Won't End!   It keeps dragging on, and on and on...and frankly, the amount of action that has been portrayed, could just  as easily have been done in three issues.  Tops. 

Yes, I'm old.  I remember when the "Galactus Trilogy" was about the first story that ever took three issues to tell...and it was Mind-Boggling.  Occasionally I year, for those simpler and more innocent days.

But that is neither here nor there.  So I should cut the cackle and get to the hosses...as it were.

Here is one of my favorite Green Lanterns.

ch'p photo chpglc203.jpg

This is Ch'p. 

Alas, he is deceased.  As are quite a large number of my favorite Green Lanterns. Heck, a lot of my favorite Comics Characters.  And I have to admit to liking Bd'ge a whole lot.  But still...Ch'p was the first.  And gosh he was adorable, with his big fat cheeks, and his little bow tie, and his very unusual, but very heart-warming friendship with Salaak. 

And then he got thrown under a bus.  Literally. 



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