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Friday, June 14, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #21

Well!  That was...not bad at all.  It ties in quite nicely with  the new Green Lantern book, and focuses on John, Yyra and Salaak.  It even has Shorm and Soranik in it, which is nice.  Sadly, unlike the blurb, it does NOT have Guy Gardner in it, and I never got to find out what it is that sends him to the Red Side.


Here, we learn why Kilowog has to take over for Salaak.  Salaak, was always the right-hand man of the Guardians, and he feels both betrayed and as the betrayer.  Many of the other Lanterns see him as carrying out the Guardians evil wishes, so he feels that he can no longer serve as he did.  Soranik, fortunately sticks up for him, which is a good thing, because I love Salaak.

The new Guardians are a bit bemused by his feelings.  They are certainly better than the OLD Guardians, but I am detecting a certain amount of hubris among this bunch as well.

Meanwhile, John and Fatality/Yrra are off doing their thing, and come across some rather nasty fellows doing their best to blow up a planet, or at least a goodly portion of it.  John decides that HE is the only one who can blow planets up, and they give chase, and things do explode, but not all of it, and the dastardly ones are actually Shape Changers!  Whodathunk?   There is also a nod to the plot bit in Green Lantern, where everyone's rings cut out of power for a second or two...and then come back on.  Oh, that can't be good.

Also, for some reason, probably due to the whole Third Army shenanigans, the sight of Green Lanterns has practically everyone in the universe spooked.  Well...not earth, but it takes a LOT to spook earth.  But everywhere else that was visited by Volthoom and his crew is naturally, a little on the wary side.  Also some new Lanterns are chosen.

A decent issue for setting things up.  The art by Bernard Chang is quite nice, and Robert Venditti does a good job with John and Yrra, and the other Lanterns.  Too bad there isn't any Guy in it, but what can you do?


At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Pete said...

There was an interview with the writer of Red Lanterns where he mentions that Guy's role in the book is actually that of a spy--he's infiltrating them.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, I guess that makes sense then. Because I was worrying about it!


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