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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Stuff That I Bought

A fairly small week, as is usual for me at the beginning of the month.  But not a bad week at all.  Because seriously...IS there such a thing as a bad week when you are getting comics? 

Action Comics #20

It is Superman vs Lex...and it looks as though Lex is winning!  The Kryptonian virus that he infected Superman with, has been exorcised, by left Superman seriously weakened by the experience.  Also...it seems to have acquired sentience.  That is one serious virus!  I have a feeling that Lex, for all of his brilliance, may have possibly bit off more than he can chew.  He is all set to put on his Lex-Suit, and swoop in to save the day, but c'mon.  This is Metropolis, and this is Superman after all.

Andy Diggle does a decent job, and I'm rather saddened that he's going to be leaving so quickly.

Aquaman #19

Topo!  It's got Topo in it!  Albeit a slightly different version of Topo than I am accustomed to.  A bit different for the denizens of Atlantis too, judging by their reactions.  Arthur is dealing with possible treachery at home, and abroad, as that old frozen guy seems to be horning in on his territory.  Also Orm isn't happy at all...and really who can blame him?

Mera goes home for a visit, and meets up with her...husband? 

Oh...this has intrigued me mightily.

Fairest #15

I am such a sucker for a swashbuckling talking fox/wolf/jackal. 

The middle eastern fables have lost most of their men, from fighting with the Adversary, so obviously this is a tale from some time ago.  Nalayani is the heroine, she is travelling from her village to seek help from the new Maharaja, and this is her story.  It's nicely done, and I was rather excited to see who the Maharaja turns out to be, because I'm also a sucker for Prince Charming.

The Movement #1

This is Gail Simone's latest book, and I'm not quite sure what to think of it...but it looks interesting, and I will be back to see where this goes.  Coral City is not a very nice town, and the some of the authorities are pretty  dubious.  The Movement seems to have taken over several blocks of the town, and are dishing out their version of justice with their rather...odd array of superpowers.  Such as the control of rats.  The police chief seems like a decent sort, but he's not about to put up with vigilanties. 

This could turn out to be sensational, or it could crash and burn.  At this point, I don't quite know which...so I will be staying tuned.

Hawkeye #10

This takes a rather odd turn.  You have Kate hanging out with a fairly charming young man at one of her Dad's parties.  It is obvious that there is more to this young man than immediately meets the eye, and that he's had a pretty hard time of it.  Kate doesn't know any of this however. 

Turns out he is an assassin hired by the "Bro's" to take care of Clint, and Kate unwittingly leads him right to Hawkeye's building.  Too bad about Gil. 


Fabulous as always.

Just a reminder that this Saturday is Free Comics Day!


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