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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some More Reviews

This was a rather...odd week. 

Batgirl #18

That is a very sweet cover, with Barbara weeping and a robin on her shoulder.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with what is inside the book.

As her evil brother James watches, and the story is more or less told from his point of view, Batgirl was blown up, but the bystanders refuse to accept this, and acknowledge that she is a real hero, and try to dig her out.  Fortunately, she survives in a rather miraculous fashion. 

Then Batman tells Commissioner Gordon what happened to Robin, who is turn tells Barbara and she is sad, and tries to call Dick.  But that is the extent of her mourning, because evil James keeps calling and taunting her, and it is a game of wits between the two of them. 

Gosh, but James is a despicable character. 

This was...ok, but it certainly didn't blow my socks off.

Batman #18

This is mostly about that girl that helped Batman a while back, the electronics wizard, or whatever it is that she does...Harper.  She notices, since she is completely obsessed with him, that poor Batman is off his game, and is all over the place, and not sleeping and even coming out in the daylight.  She tries to help, he lashes out, and eventually, they have a meeting of the minds, and she writes a big "R" in lights on the buildings or something.

This is, I think, the first Snyder issue that hasn't enthralled me.  It isn't a bad story, it's interesting seeing Batman through her eyes, but it all seems a bit...shallow.  I don't know if I can describe it, but the whole dead Robin thing just isn't grabbing me.  And I like Damian, although in the beginning I couldn't stand him.  Nevertheless, the death of another child is pretty sickening, and even more sickening is the motive, which is a fridging.  No more, no less.

Batman & Robin #18

Now THIS book on the other hand, is the gem of this weeks offerings.  A totally silent issue, by Peter Tomasi, and with Pat Gleason drawing his brains out. 

Bruce is dealing with Damian's death, finding some of his things, such as his drawings, coping with Alfred's despair, and as he goes out on his usual patrol, he keeps seeing Damian out of the corner of his eye.  Bruce is more than wound a bit tight, he goes on a spree, and  the Commissioner and his aides find dozens of criminals tied up and deposited next to the Bat Signal on the roof.

Finally, as he is cleaning up after his nights work,he finds a note that Damian had left for him in his locker, and all his own grief and sorrow well up,and he lashes out, and then falls to his knees clutching Damian's costume.

I don't mind admitting that I was tearing up at this point.


As I said, Pat Gleason draws the HELL out of this.  Get this, you won't be sorry.

Demon Knights #18

Well, the girls have managed to rescue poor Jason Blood who has been tortured for years by Vandal Savage for some reason or another.  They meet up with Xanadu, who at first is a bit miffed, but then realizes that Jason has the spell on him, of no mouth, so no way to summon Etrigan.  Since they really really WANT him to summon Etrigan, she takes care of that little matter. Too bad that Jason is a bit miffed that they don't seem to want his help...only his demon buddy. 

But Cain is still on the rampage, and Exoristos is getting frantic about saving Themyscira, so Etrigan shows up and does his thing.  They do meet up with some Amazons, and fight off the vampire hordes, by taking out their heads and hearts.  Too bad it isn't enough.

This is actually a pretty good book, at least for me. I think that the writer is going to be one of the ones taking over the Green Lantern books, so I am...slightly...relieved.

Not bad at all.

Green Lantern Corps #18

More tomorrow

Threshold presents The Hunted #3

Boy howdy, but that is a stupid title.

I keep wanting to like this book.  But I don't even know who half of these people are, and it is a bit confusing, and I think I am going to be dropping this.

Thor: God of Thunder #6

In this issue we get the back story of the God Killer, and he has the usual sad and tragic past.  One by one his family dies, the Gods of his world don't seem to listening, and he's fed up to the gills.  And when two battling immortals fall at his feet, he snaps, and gets some funky powers and goes on the usual killing spree.

But oh, poor Volstagg!


At 1:34 AM, Blogger Saranga said...

Barbara has an evil brother? What? Why? We don't need more evil family in the DCU! We need more happy people.

I may buy Batman & Robin tomorrow.

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Bryan L said...

Sadly, everyone in comics has an evil relative. Everyone. Because ... well, let's face it, we've all got a sibling that's actively trying to murder us and lots of other people, amirite? I bet at least two of mine are plotting my demise RIGHT NOW.

Gah. Sometimes comics embarrass me.

At 12:18 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

If it isn't an evil twin, it's an evil brother or sister...or even father or mother. Second cousins, are rarely evil for some reason.

Saranga, DO buy Batman and Robin!

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

I couldn't get a copy of it att he shop. I may buy it on comixology.


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