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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Green Lantern: New Guardians #17

And now it's Kyle's turn to go up against Volthoom.  Volthoom gets around, obviously! 

For some reason, Kyle is back on earth, and Volthoom is ready to play.  We have one of those two page pictures, similar to what Pasarin did with Guy, only this is by Aaron Kuder.    Again, the colors are very nice, and we see a simultaneous progression of Kyle from infancy to the present.  He does a decent grown-up Kyle, but that is the weirdest looking baby that I have ever seen. 

Next thing you know, Alex is alive!    And Kyle is happy.  Oh, so very happy.  Then things start to get weird, as Volthoom starts messing with the time line, and things  go bad very quickly, and even Guy shows up sans his eye again, and pissed as hell because Hal is dead, and Kyle is the one who supposedly let Sinestro loose. 

Volthoom of course is enjoying himself enormously, because he is a sick twisted lunatic, and he really likes that Kyle has so many delicious emotions.  Volthoom is going to be awfully surprised when he gets to Hal, if he ever does.  He does decide to give Kyle a choice of which past he would like to become reality, and Kyle leaps to the one where Alex lives.  And then, just to twist the knife, Volthoom says..."Surprise!"  Too bad,  he was just messing with him.

All of this means of course, that Soranik and Jade apparently never happened.  Or any of Kyle's OTHER dead girlfriends and aquaintances, and obviously no Donna.  Tony Bedard gave an interview, and in his opinion, Kyle has only been a Lantern for a year and a half or so, and most of his history is in...flux. 

Oh, is it ever. 

This didn't drive me into as big a tizzy as the one with Guy did, but still...I'm not particularly enthralled.  Kyle is supposed to be the inventive one, but he didn't do any more to fight back than Guy did, which I find infuriating.  Presumably they will all get their collective acts together in another couple of issues, but still. 


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