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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday's Treasures

As usual, my Thursday reviews of Wednesdays comics.  And a fair amount of comics there were, too!

Aquaman #17

This deals with the fallout from the last issue and  the crossover with the Justice League.  Arthur is now King of Atlantis!  He doesn't really want to be...and the Atlanteans seem to be expressing a certain amount of reservations as well.  But hey, the Sea Devils show up!  And they have an attitude too! 

It turns out that Atlantean weaponry is littering the ocean floor, and certain enterprising individuals on dry land, are scooping them up and selling them to the highest bidder.  You would think that the Atlanteans would be a bit more careful with their goodies.  Arthur also apologizes to all the fish. 

And Amanda Waller shows up and talks to Arthur, and then tells "them" to go and get Mera.  And "They" do.  Precisely why she can't go hang out with Arthur is still a bit fuzzy. 

Not bad.  I still feel for poor Orm however.

Batman Inc. #8

Well, this is a fine howdy do. 


I actually had come to like the little brat too. 

Double Damn.

Batman :Dark Knight #17

I hadn't been buying this book at all, until I realized that Ethan Van Sciver was doing the art, and dagnabit, I do loves me some Van Sciver.  His artwork just makes this SHINE!

Oh, and it has the Mad Hatter in it as well, and let's just say that Jervis is a bit...on edge in this.  As in Mad as a Hatter!  Haw!  To be perfectly honest, I'm not exactly sure what is going on, other than there is a Wonderland theme going on, and the Hatter is kidnapping people, and seems to be trying to stage some event, that may or may not have something to do with a girl he liked as a kid. 

Who knows?  But damn...the art is gorgeous.

Flash #17

Oh Grodd...will you never learn?  They are both in the Speed Force, and Barry manages to rock, and he also incidentally rescues Iris and the others who had been trapped there.  The Rogues have done a pretty decent job of actually helping people for a change, but they beat a strategic retreat, once Grodd's link to the other Apes is broken, and the Boys in Blue (and green) show up and start arresting Gorillas.  Solivar isn't dead, which is a good thing. 

It is all quite beautiful of course.  And seriously, who doesn' like talking gorillas?

Jonah Hex #17

I love Jonah, I really do...but for some reason, this whole haning out in Gotham withe Doctor Arkham is beginning to wear thin for me.  IN this issue, we have none other than Vandal Savage, showing up and kidnapping Mrs. Wayne, while Cholera rages in the poorer part of town.  Just like in modern times, whenever there is a problem in Gotham, they wall up part of the city, and leave the poor suckers to their own devices. 

Why the hell does ANYone live in Gotham City anyway?

I don't know.  I just want to seem Jonah go and shoot some owlhoots or something.

Justice League Dark #17

Well, they are all still trapped in the magicless world, but Timothy Hunter gets the pep talk from his "subjects" that seems to inspire him, and poor Xanadu, who is hanging on by a thread, tells John Constantine that he's going to cut and run.  But dang it, Frankenstein is pretty fabulous. 

This isn't the most fabulous book out there, but it's pretty solid, and the art is pretty, and it is a fairly interesting story, so there are worse things that you can read.

Now, let us turn to the Marvelous side of the Comic Book Aisle.

Hawkeye #8

God, how I love this book.  Fraction does an amazing job with the story and the dialogue, and Aja does an equally amazing job with the art.  I honestly never really cared all that much for Clint before this.  He was just that other guy with a bow who dressed in purple instead of green, and was kind of a pain in the ass.

But now...he's a LOVEABLE pain in the ass!  And as a Guy Gardner fan, you can see how that would appeal to me. 

This has the chick whose car he stole  or "borrowed" a while back,and she shot a guy, and he's more or less coerced into helping her, and yes, it still has those Russian gangsters who say "bro" all of the time.  Also there is apparently a clause in his Avengers Contract about moral turpitude or something.  Naturally, there is more behind all of the problems with the Russians than we had originally thought. 


Journey Into Mystery #649

Well, Sif is still berserk, but she seems to have calmed down a bit, and is now in New York, with some of her Berserker buddies, and naturally Spider-Man shows up, but he sounds a whole lot more like the OLD Spider-Man, and not at all like the new Otto Spider-Man, but maybe that's just me.  There are a bunch of monsters, and this has to be the funniest issue of this book since the days when young Loki was running amuck.

Immonen is pretty good at this.

Young Avengers #2

Like Hawkeye, this is my other favorite Marvel book.  The art is simply MIND-BOGGLINGLY good.  And Gillen, is fast becoming one of my favorite writers.  Hey DC...steal him and make him write Green Lanterns for me! 

Billy had felt bad,and decided to bring Teddy's mother back, except...that's not exactly who he got.  Things are getting just a bit weird.  When Loki shows up to rescue you however, you should always take what he says with a couple of grains of salt.  Or perhaps an entire shaker full.  But  Loki is right about one thing.

Bacon is indeed amazing.

Oh, and Laufey shows up.  Yes, THAT Laufey.  Whodathunk?


Not a bad week at all!


At 3:16 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'm gonna have to strongly consider buying Journey Into Mystery in trade when I can. Maybe I should have added it to the pull instead of Fearless Defenders?

It's gonna be awhile before I get Hawkeye #8, so I'd like to ask you Sally: based on that comic, does it seem like Clint cheated on Jessica Drew when he fooled around with Ginger (or whatever the redhead's name is)?

At 5:45 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I didn't even know that he WAS dating Jessica Drew, because I haven't been reading Avengers. But yeah, it sure did seem that way.

Unless...I don't know, are they still in the casual stage?

At 7:54 AM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

I'm not sure when it started, sometime after Hawkeye & Mockingbird ended, so I'm guessing mid-2011. There were having conversations about whether it was going to work in some Avengers issue around AvX, and I assumed they had broken up, but maybe not.

It kind of bugs me, because for all Clint's many faults, he's always been faithful to whatever woman he was dating at the time. Cheating on your significant other is such an Ollie thing.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

IF it is an on-again/off-again thing, I guess that it is not as terrible...but yes, it did seem like a rather strange thing for Clint to do. He's never really been portrayed that way, as far as I know.

Certainly not the way that Ollie and Hal are. I certainly got the impression that Jessica wasn't very happy about it.

Mind Control! That's it...Mind Control!


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