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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh What A Wednesday!

As you have no doubt realized from my last couple of reviews, the first two months of February were fairly...paltry.  But THIS week!  Oh my God, what a week.  ALL of the Green Lantern books out together.  Both Justice League books, plus Vibe.  Wonder Woman and Batwoman.  Saga!  Some other stuff! 

I plan on settling down with a nice cup of tea, some nice music, and hiding from the kids and the dogs and simply reading for the rest of the afternoon. 

Oh Comics, I love you so.

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At 8:37 AM, Anonymous gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

sehr guter Beitrag

At 12:22 PM, Blogger SallyP said...


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

lol - just because I like pointing out the obvious (and hilarous): It's a spambot calling himself "coupons to print" and he said you wrote a very good article (and your waaay to polite, if you tell a spambot "Bless you!" ;-))

Oh and I want to tell you, I'm from Germany, reading your blog and simply loving it.
I wish the old continuity back as well - even if my hopes are slowly dwindling. The way I see it happen is when sales are sinking again in one or two years the next crisis/flashpoint/whatever is going to come around.

Greetings, Alex

At 11:50 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Bless YOU, Alex! And thank you for both the kind words and the translation.

I do miss the old continuity. And every once in a while, they start throwing in odd little clues that point to the belief that all is Not As It Should Be. So I will keep hoping.

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

Heh, I guess their little clues are sort of a Xanatos Gambit (damn, I'm already lost to tvtropes ^^): if nothing comes of it - well they're just nice little tidbits and such.
But if they eventually decide to go back they're likey going to call "see, we planned it all along!" as especially Johns is fond of doing these. I'm sure hoping for the later, too :-)

In the meantime did you check out Earth #2 lately? My feelings are mixed: I can't stand all the redesigns and modernisations, but still like how they at least try to preserve the spririt of it.

Still I miss the JSA battling Degaton and the likes - Johns run with them was the greatest *sigh*. I really hope he gets to RetCon the New52 as that's his specialty anyway.

Eh, but I'm starting to blabber... guess I should consider making my own blog if my ranting goes on ^^.

At 2:57 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Gosh, I DO miss the old Justice Society! I tried picking up the new Earth 2 books, but they just don't interest me that much, I keep thinking about how much I miss Jay and Alan.

And yes, I loved Geoff Johns on the JSA. Damn, I miss those old farts!

But every once in a while, they bring out Pandora, that weird lady in purple, who started the whole new 52, and occasionally Booster Gold shows up, and they even mentioned Rip Hunter a while back. So things are...stirring, but only in the background, and slowly. Very very slowly.

Maybe in a year or so?


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