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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday's Reviews!

Yet another fairly small week for me.  I must admit to completely enjoying the half hour chat that I had with Jesse at my beloved Comic Book Store however, as we commiserated each other on how LONG DC was taking to Get To The Point of their latest storylines.  Something that I have already pissed and moaned about earlier this week. 

Yes, I do tend to obsess sometimes. 

But onto the action.

Action Comics #16

Well, this was different, but actually...good!  Grant Morrison seems to be bringing together some of the disparate plotlines that have been strewed so randomly throughout the last few months together, and making a coherent story out of all that has been going on. 

We have the Legion, in a different Future, trying to get back to Superman so that he can change their time line, which is all messed up due to the vile machinations of Mxpltelxasdfja;sdkf....oh you know who.  Somehow he's managed to bring all sorts of different time strands together in his single minded attempt to kill Superman, including messing with Doomsday, and Luthor and all sorts of funky stuff.  It's pretty engrossing actually, and I enjoyed this thoroughly.

Rags Morales is always a treat to have on the artwork.  And then there was Sholly Fisch and Christ Sprouse on the backup feature, with the Legion.  And...I didn't hate it!  Usually the very mention of those snotty Teens From The Future makes me break out in hives, but I blush to admit this...I enjoyed it too. Possibly because it had Bouncing Boy in it.

Fairest #11

Rapunzel is still the focus of this story, which seems to have been going on for quite some time now.  We seem to be in flashback mode this month, as it is all an explanation of the creepy web thingie that seemed to have appeared LAST month, and which was constructed of her own bezoars.  Disgusting, but intriguing, I have to say.  It does explain how the Japanese Fables were betrayed by one of their own to the Adversary, and how Rapunzel managed to survive, which is interesting, but doesn't really get us any further about what happened to her children.

So, mildly interesting, but not riveting.

Green Lanterns: New Guardians Annual


Thor:, God of Thunder #4

Now this was pretty damned good.  I've been quite pleased with this offering from Marvel lately, and I see no reason to change my mind, although I have to admit...it does cover a lot of the same ground from the previous issues as well, giving us a peek at what is happening in the past, present and future, without really giving us too much more information.  I still don't know who the God Killer is, or why exactly he is so very very angry.  I'm hoping that we get to that eventually. 

But the art is gorgeous, and the story is a good one.  I just wish that it would pick up a wee bit too.

So...not a bad week by any means, with the possible exception of the Green Lantern Book which I will review tomorrow, because I just can't bring myself to read it again today.


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