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Friday, November 30, 2012

Slightly Late Reveiws

Well, that was a fairly small week.  But not a bad week. Aww...who am I kidding?  It is NEVER a Bad Week for Comics!  And incidentally, I finally after a week, have my driveway back!  Sheesh!

Aquaman #14

We begin with a flashback, to the 1800's with a wooden ship, and an extremely cranky and Ahab-ish Captain, who hauls in someone who looks a lot like Arthur...but man, it ain't Arthur.  It...doesn't end well for anyone.

In the present, Arthur is still brooding over who it was that was behind Black Manta, so he decides to wander over to Atlantis and talk with his brother, Ocean Master, who in the new DC is a swell guy, who is ruling Atlantis in Arthur's stead, and who just loooooooves his baby brother.  Arthur isn't quite as overflowing with brotherly love, and asks him flat out if he was the one who bribed Manta.  He says...no.  But he also points out that it was those miserable sailors and their Captain who caught, gutted and killed their great grandparents or something.

Oh, and skinny Amanda Waller tries to get Manta to join the Suicide Squad, which works out about as well as you would think that it would.  And finally...someone...lets those ravenous critters from the first arc out again. 

There are some new ideas being introduced which is a good thing, and the art is pretty even though it isn't Ivan Reis, so this is still holding my interest.  Decent read.

Flash #14

Well, the Gorillas have invaded, and somehow Gorilla Grodd has tapped into the Speed Force, and while Barry is running around with him, the Rogues are trying their very best to hold off the rest of the attacking Simians.  I love the Rogues, I really do.  And Solovar shows up, and there is some other stuff going on, and time travel, and oh...what the heck.  The art is lovely, and this is a fun if slightly incoherent book.  I like it anyway.

Jonah Hex #14

I never ever thought that I would say this about a Western, much less a Jonah Hex book...but I'm getting bored with this.  Jonah hardly shows up anyway, we seem to have wandered into some sort of mish-mash horror book with Doctor Arkham and Jekyll and Hyde, and murderous Circus performers, and the Barbary Ghost, and ninjas, and stuff.  I rather miss Jonah being cranky and just shooting people.  He's not allowed to do that in Gotham. 

I also wasn't impressed all that much with the artwork.  At first the idea of Jonah in a city, much less Gotham City was a rather interesting twist.  It was nice to see Tallulah again, but she's run off...again, and it's starting to get a little dull.

Justice League Dark #14

Tim Hunter and Zatanna have been spirited away, Steve Trevor has called in some scientists to decipher the Books of Magic, which are apparently only magic when Tim Hunter is around, and Black Orchid, Frankenstein and Amethyst get lost in the House of Mysteries which does have its moments.  I like this book fairly well, although not a whole heck of a lot happens in this issue, except that Black Orchid manages to find a room full of clues, just like Rip Hunter's blackboards.  I...I THINK this is supposed to be John Constantine's office, but I'm not exactly sure.  The art is nice.

The Phantom Stranger shows up and is all enigmatic and stuff.  Also, Pandora shows up as well, which always makes me think that somehow...maybe...possibly, we are going to get into a story to bring back the REAL DC Universe.  Which would be a good thing.  They do mention Booster, which is a good thing.

Now I'm rather anxious to see what is going to be happening.

Thor, God of Thunder #2

Gosharootie, this is a nice book.  I dont' read a heck of a lot of Marvel these days, but  the stuff with Asgard has been consistently good.  They relaunced the Thor book...don't ask me why, something to do with the new NOW stuff that has been touted as of late. 

Anyhoo...the art is exquisite, the story is interesting, once again bouncing back and forth a bit between the three time periods, but focusing mostly on the past and Thor's first encounter with the God Killer, which is brutal, bloody and ends with a Bang. 

Really fabulous.


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