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Monday, November 12, 2012

Green Lantern #14

Well now, this issue was interesting.  Very interesting indeed. 

We begin, with a little bit of exposition and gloating from the Guardians.  They are happy...oh so happy, that Hal and Sinestro have been taken off of the game board, despite not having realized that Hal even HAD a ring, and that it is never ever a good idea to underestimate Sinestro.  But then, the Guardians, although they have turned evil...are still no wiser than they have ever been.  Which is something that the First Guardian, still imprisoned in his Lantern, is happy to point out.  He also promises to make sure to have some "fun" with them when he manages to break out.  Which, he probably will do.

But anyway, in the meantime, poor Simon has just been confronted with the Justice League, and he's feeling just a tad gobsmacked, as well he should be.  Naturally, they are all smug and superior, and he's trying to explain that he DOESN'T want to fight them, and that it has all been a mistake.  Heck, he doesn't even know how or why he got the ring.  Batman and Aquaman explain how it works, at least a little, with Batman pointing out that the ring looks for courage, and Aquaman says that it choses a new recruit after the death of the owner.

And then Barry opens his big fat yap, and mumbles that in that case, he hopes it was Gardner.  Then he realizes exactly what he just said, and has the grace to apologize...a little.  Only a little.  You know, I am very fond of Barry, but right about now, I want to give him a big smack in the face. 

Simon sees Wonder Woman, and even volunteers to have her use her lasso, to prove that he is telling the truth.  Of course if they had all been smart enough to take him at his word, there wouldn't have been any problem, but we also wouldn't have had much of a story, so Batman tells him to take his ring off first.  Simon isn't even sure that he CAN, since he's tried taking it off before, but when they grab for it, the ring erupts, and a vision of Sinestro appears, yelling not to Touch My Ring!  Sinestro takes things very very personally.

And that of course, is all that it takes for things to just go to hell in a handbasket.  Simon realizes he's in BIG trouble, and apologizes, but of course the JLA isn't listening, so he beats feet out of there, and uses some rather spectacular ring  constructs, making multiple glowing green cars, to serve as decoys.  The Justice League falls for it, as he makes his escape.  It strikes me that the Justice League has just been made fools of by a guy who has been a Green Lantern for all of a day or so. 


Back in the hidden Space Prison where the other NOT crazy Guardians have been all these many millenia, the ones that are still locked up are just as cranky as can be...and who can blame them?  They can hear something in the outer chamber and wonder if Reegal, the poor guy who was killed by the Guardians can still be alive, but of course, it is just Black Hand.

And speaking of dead people...Hal and Sinestro are wandering around a grim and ghostly landscape, wondering what the heck to do next, when they encounter a hooded and ragged figure who tells Sinestro that the time has come to pay for his crimes. 

I wonder if it is Abin Sur? 

Things are advancing nicely.  The Justice League didn't really shine did they?  And Barry needs a spanking.  I hope that Guy eventually gives him one.  I may not know too much about Simon, but one thing is for sure, he is certainly smarter than Hal.    And naturally, I simply cannot WAIT for the Guardians to get their much deserved comeuppance. 


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Gary said...

I wonder if it is Abin Sur?

Ooooh, good guess - hadn't thought of that!

At 1:30 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, he's dead, and he has to be on the cranky side.

But it is probably somebody else. But that's half of the fun. I just hope it isn't Krona.


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