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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Goodness gracious, but I do love Wednesdays.  And with the new system of the books coming on Tuesday, even with a Monday holiday, we didn't have to wait until Thursday!  Which makes me smile, because I get very very childish when I can't have my comic books on time.

No more JLI on the first Wednesday of the month, alas.  Guy stomped off in a huff, presumably Ice and Tora and Vixen are still in the hospital, Omac went bonkers, all that old Brother Eye stuff came back into the picture and Booster is now gone. 

Damn.  It's not right to not have Booster.  The only bright point in all of this, is that they actually mentioned Rip Hunter, and I hadn't been sure up to that point if he even still existed in the new 52 Universe.

Frankly, I'm getting a little bit tired of the new 52 Universe.  There have been some decent books put out...and some not so great.  Batman and Green Lantern pretty much sailed through unchanged, but still things are just...weird.  And its starting to feel like all of the plots have descended into Fanfiction territory.  I have nothing against Fanfiction, some of which is pretty darned fabulous.  In fact, a lot of fanfiction writers are better at remembering Continuity than some of the Editors...but it seems as though too many of the writers have chosen this opportunity to simply start pairing up people that wouldn't ordinarily be paired up...yes, I'm looking at YOU, Clark and Diana!  And getting rid of people whom they aren't interested in, such as Wally or Cass or Stephanie, or any number of wonderful vibrant characters.  The writer may not be a fan, but there certainly are FANS out there who miss them. 

I think that I'm starting to wander from the point, which frequently happens when I get going on one of those Stream of Conciousness riffs.  What I am trying to say...is I'm ready for a return to the REAL DC Universe.  You boys have had your fun, and there have been some good stories...but...but I MISS my Continuity. 

If I were running DC, this is what I would do.  I'd bring in that Pandora person, and do a quick story that had everything get put back somehow, but in the way of doing it, a whole crapload of formerly dead but still fabulous characters would be back...heroes and villains alike.  I know I miss Doctor Polaris for example.  The REAL one, not the faux Polaris.  And Ted Kord of course, and Ralph and Sue Dibny, and Dmitri and Gavril, so we could have two cool Rocket Reds, and hell, just to show I'm a good sport...I would bring back Kari Limbo.  Just so that Guy could tell her to get lost.  Bwhahahaha!

If you were running DC...what would YOU do?


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Brushwood Thicket Farmer said...

I'll say this: Green Lantern feels like Geoff Johns' most far-away inspired book right now - and it more or less ignores the New 52. And the more I read it, the more I wonder if the Guardians-go-crazy to replace the Corps plot is his secret commentary on DC's recent corporate/editorial choices. GJ seems too nice and poltically smart to criticise anyone directly in public, but I bet he would jump at the chance to un-Flashpoint the whole thing (and I would buy it).

Still love Grant Morrison's Action as a great Elseworlds.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I do love Action Comics, but I also see no reason why it couldn't have been written almost exactly the same way, in the Original Continuity...just as untold tales of Superman's youth for example.

But I agree that I love Geoff's work on Green Lanterns, although I'm beginning to think that he's being stretched a bit thin lately.


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