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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Whole Lot of Geoff Johns in my Reviews!

Well!  That was an interesting fifth week for a change!  And out of  the six books that I bought, four of them were written by Geoff Johns.  There was a LOT of rather hasty tieing up of lose ends going on.

Aquaman #12

Well, Black Manta has found a really nice sceptre, Dr Shin is really really sorry, and Arthur's merry band has enlisted Mera on their quest to save him from himself.  It goes....about as well as could be expected.  Aquaman is still really mad at Black Manta, who in return is trying to kill all of them, and  naturally, somebody dies.  And he was so nice too!  Ivan Reis's artwork is sublime as usual.  I do confess that I am looking forward to seeing how all this turns out.

The Flash Annual

Dang, this is so pretty.  And so fun.  It has the Rogues, being...well roguish, which is always a good time.  I just love Captain Cold in ANY universe for some reason.  This explains why Golden Glider is all cranky, and how the Rogues got their powers, and how it all backfired so badly.  I do feel that Barry is being just a little bit naive, actually thinking that Cold will uphold his part of the bargain, but Barry is such a nice person, I guess I can understand how he keeps falling for this sort of thing.

Well done indeed.

Green Lantern Annual


Justice League #12

Well...they catch the bad guy, expose his baddiness, and all is well that ends well, except that the group seems to be splintering, and hey, Steve Trevor isn't dead after all, which is a good thing.  But Hal decides to leave, because quite frankly, he can do without all the crap, although that makes Barry sad.  Aquaman and Batman go for a little "quien as mas macho" talk and Wonder Woman sits at Steve Trevor's bedside, and doesn't listen to a word that he says, which is rather unlike her.  He tells her how he really feels, and she just brushes it all off, and goes to brood on the roof.  Superman decides to go brood a little too,and they completely miss Hal leaving, because they are too busy deciding to brood together.  Or something.  Then they decide, the hell with it, and do a little tonsil diving.

Meanwhile, Amanda Waller shows up at Grave's prison and says she believes him, and wants him to write down how to defeat the Justice League..just in case.


I guess this explains why they don't miss Hal for a while, but Diana and Clark both come off as rather self-absorbed whiners.

Justice League International Annual

Well, I knew that the quasi-happy ending that we were given by Dan Jurgens was just too good to last, because Geoff Johns, who is writing this book, immediately goes about breaking up our motley crew, by having Guy stomp off in a snit, after two new members show up, mainly Blue Beetle and some guy called The Olympian, who apparently has some sort of past with Godiva.

Booster is a bit nonplussed at Guy's fedupedness, but has to deal with the fact that things aren't going nearly as well as he had planned.  Omac turns out to have been retaken over by Brother Eye, and is Up To No Good.  He rips the good General in Iron's head off, when he asks what he's doing, and then starts beating the crap out of everyone else.  The Olympian talks a lot, but goes down pretty quickly, and Omac gets rid of poor Jaime, by sending him off to the Reach, which actually was pretty smart.

Finally, it is between Booster and Omac, since Booster told Godiva to get the heck out of the way, and she does, after a nice little smooch.  Omac is busy gloating about how dumb Booster is, but Booster, just downloaded Skeets into Omac's system, and it works as an anti-virus, so Kevin gets his body back, which is nice, and Omac runs off to sulk.

Then...things get interesting.  Future Booster shows up!  Woohoo!  And he's telling Booster that he's got to stop Wonder Woman and Superman from kissing!  It is obviously an affront to nature, and Rip had sent Future Booster back to stop it.  Too bad, he's not in time, and both Boosters fade away.



No more Booster Gold?  It Can't Be!  On the other hand...Rip Hunter!

Finally, we end up with Batman talking to Cyborg's dad, and then he goes off to confront Brother Eye, who sneers at him and says that he has a new master, and they're all in deep deep doodoo.

So.  No more JLI.  I'm crushed.  On the other hand, the ones that I care about got out of it alive, and with all of their extremities.  But Booster fades away!  On the other hand, Rip!  I'm beginning to think that Godiva may be Rip's mother, but who knows?  And Batman doesn't seem to be too worried, and nobody even goes to look for Booster, which is odd.

But obviously, Wonder Woman and Superman getting together will crack the Universe in two.

And finally...

Journey Into Mystery #642

It seems like forever since this last came out.   Surtur is up to No Good, and is running about inciting various realms to rebel.  He's got the Vanir all pissy at the Aesir.  The new Machine Gods, are confused, and Loki is confessing all that he's been up to, to Thor.  Yes, when you put all of his actions together, they don't look good...but really, he DID have the best of intentions.  And we all know where good intentions lead.

What is really strange is that Volstagg and Fandral start yelling at Freyja and trying to stir up trouble, which is rather unlike them, so I would suspect that more than a little bit of mind control is going on somewhere.  Thor is getting more than a little bit frazzled, trying to piece it all together and get everyone to calm down, but that's not happening anytime soon.

Dang it, I love this book.  Naturally, they are going to be giving it to Sif pretty soon, which is...ok I guess.  I like Sif too.  But I do adore baby Loki, and I really REALLY hope that they aren't going to do anything terrible with him.  But I don't trust my luck in that department.

I'll babble more about Green Lantern tomorrow.  But...Wow!


At 5:43 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

Turns out that Superman/Wonder Woman hookup may have made a lot of READERS disappear, too.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger SallyP said...


DC seems to be spinning this just as hard as they can, but you honestly can't wipe out some 70 odd years of continuity just like that. And it all seems to be about Superman. Why should Diana become Clark's sidekick anyway?

At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Randy Jackson said...

There wasn't nearly enough gore. I could hardly tell that Geoff Johns was writing.

At 7:02 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I know! The only person who got impaled, was that poor henchman in Aquaman!


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