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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

An...interesting week, to say the least.

Action Comics #9

Grant Morrison and Gene Ha team up this month to present an...Elseworlds tale of some kind?  Actually, this has to do with Earth 23, which has a very nice Superman, who is also the President of the United States, and he seems to be having this whole love/hate thing going with Lex Luthor.  Then Lois, and Clark show up from another earth, and it turns out that they created the idea of Superman, and it was taken from them, and Clark is in bad shape, and Jimmy is dead, and it is all rather convoluted of course, but fun in that weird sort of Morrison way. 

I'm slightly confused...but still entranced.

Earth 2, #1

Oh good grief.  I had rather high hopes for this, I really really did.  I like James Robinson when he's "on" and I simply adore Nicola Scott.  I figured that with the Justice Society there, that perhaps this would be the "nice" version of Earth, maybe having some of my favorite heroes who are dead and gone in the current 52 continuity.

Well...so much for THAT idea.  Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman are all fighting against Parademons, and  Apokolips, and Lois is dead, and the Amazons are dead, and then the Big Three are dead, and  even the Greek Gods are dead, and Alan Scott and Jay Garrett are young and stupid, and Robin and Supergirl get blown into the 52 earth, and it is violent and depressing as hell. 

I love Nicola Scott, I really do...but I'm not sure that I can stand to have my sensibilities lacerated on a monthly basis with this book.

Huntress/Power Girl #1

And speaking of Robin and Supergirl, it turns out that Helena Wayne was Bruces' Robin,and she becomes Huntress after getting accidentally tossed into OUR Universe along with Kara, who becomes Power Girl.  They also incredibly casually and incredibly callously discard the entire character of Helena Bertinelli.  Thanks  Guys.  I LIKED Helena Bertinelli. 

George Perez is drawing our new dynamic duo in the present, and Kevin Maguire is drawing them in flashbacks, and pardon me for saying that I love those flashbacks something fierce. 

I'm not quite sure what to think of this book yet...I guess I'll give it a few more issues to hook me.

Justice League International #9

Well, the team has been blown up, and half of them are in the hospital and Gavril is dead (?) and then the remaining members are attacked by...O.M.A.C!  Or as Guy says..."What the hell is an O.M.A.C.?"  Unlike his portrayal in JLA, Batman is right there helping out, and has even given the team Batwing, which is nice of him.  Booster is trying to figure out what is going on, and Guy has had about all he can take,  and goes all Green Iron Man on OMAC's ass.  He even uses a giant green glowing hammer to smite him. 

Heh.  Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Then, to get the fight off of the street, they all fall into a sewer, which completely grosses  poor Godiva out, and really, who can blame her?  Then OMAC suddenly comes to his senses and asks for help, and as they are trying to figure things out, they end up having to go and handle an attack in Paris of all places.  Guy whips up a handy dandy green ship to get them there.  It is awfully handy having a Green Lantern around, and they even take OMAC with them.

It turns out of course that this is all the work of the Bad Guys, and some chick was mind-controlling OMAC..   So they get to Paris, and who should show up but Firestorm and Friends.  I guess I'll have to go and read the Firestorm book to find out what is going on! 

I liked this.  It has Guy being awesome.

Red Lanterns #9

This book seems to be blowing hot and cold for me.  I'm not enthralled, but I am curious to see what is going on.  Abyssmus seems to have poisoned the Red Battery, and Atrocitus is pissed, and Rankkor is confused and Bleez is conniving.  Also, most of the Red Lanterns seem to be dying off, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  And for some reason, Bleez is really mad at the Star Sapphires, which will probably degenerate into a cat fight.

Swamp Thing#9

Woohoo!  Now that is a great book!  A bit disgusting here and there with the visuals, but Alex manages to defeat the Rot, and save Abby!  But there is a worm in the bud, and his name is Arcane.  I do love this book.

Exiled, #1

We seem to be having a crossover with the New Mutants and Journey Into Mystery, the latter of which is about the only Marvel book that I am currently reading with any regularity.  Thor is back, which is nice, and the Disir are also back, and Danni is still apparently a Valkyrie, and Hela shows up and I think that Mephisto has a crush on Amara, and it is a bit confusing, but fun in a strange sort of way.

And I still love Loki's hel puppies.


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