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Friday, April 27, 2012


Sorry I'm a day late and a dollar short.

All Star Western #8

Man, I do love this book.  Hex is fighting a rather incongruous young lady with nasty stirrups in a ring, while Nighthawk and Cinnamon do their thing, in New Orleans.  Meanwhile, having nothing better to do, Arkham goes and checks out an Opium Den.  Just for the experience of course.  Naturally, it gets raided, and naturally he gets tossed into jail, where he actually does give some psychological help to another inmate.  Fortunately for him, he gets freed...but not before running off at the mouth to the wrong people about his good ol' buddy Jonah Hex.

I do have to say that Arkham is something of an idiot sometimes, but a...darned entertaining idiot.  So naturally, the jig is up, and Hex's plan to NOT blow up a ship full of immigrants in the harbor is ruined, and he and Arkham are being rowed out to the ship along with a passel of dynamite.  I can hardly wait till next month.

Aquaman #8

Can I just say how much I love Ivan Reis?  In this issue he manages to make young Arthur look...well...young, and a little wet behind the ears.


Ya'wara and her jaguar have come to Arthur for help, since Black Manta has offed rather messily, their former ally from their former little group.  A group that nobody seems to have known about.  Mera certainly isn't too happy about her sweetie running around with another woman, even though their "bond" was only telepathic.  Shin in the meantime has to keep working on figuring out what happened to Atlantis, Mera has to babysit Shin and the Jaguar, while Arthur and Ya'wara go off and try to find their erstwhile buddies and warn them that Manta is on the prowl.  A good issue as usual.

Flash #8

Gosh, I do love this book.  The art is sensational, and Manapul has really been coming up with some interesting plot devices.  Another man has been trapped in the Speed Force all this time, a former Tuskeegee airman, and all the poor fellow wants to do is go home, but in his frantic struggles, he's the one creating the vortexes.  But Barry isn't quite sure how to handle all of this, and is still looking for Iris.  Oh, and he somehow shows up at Gorilla Grodd's land, just as he's about to eat his father's brain or something.

Man, this is good.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #8

Well...somehow, they all got away from  Invictus, and are headed back to take on Larfleeze, but Atrocitus is horrified to learn that Sinestro shut down the Fear Corps, and Fatality is having problems, and I'm not quite sure what Bleez is up to, but it probably is no good, and Munk just flat out abandons them, and nobody can understand how it is that Kyle still has power in his ring.  I don't really understand that myself.

Arkillo shows up just as the Weaponeer is about to be beheaded, and pulls his nuts out of the fire, and the Weaponeer shows him another Fear battery that he fashioned, although it isn't quite as good as the real thing.  There seems to be a fair amount of bogus lanterns floating about lately.

This isn't...bad, per se, but it just isn't grabbing me.  I miss Kyle and Guy quite frankly.

Justice League Dark #8

Again, I enjoyed the first arc thoroughly, but the second one is dragging a bit.  Xanadu just keeps moaning about possible futures and that they will all hate her if they lose, and will also hate her if they win.  Nobody seems to be doing very well, and it is also a crossover of sorts with I,Vampire, which I haven't been reading.  And Shade the Changing Man decides to leave.  John Constantine is still a jerk, bless his heart.  I guess I'll stay with it for now, but it would be nice if something happened.

 The Shade #7

Now this on the other hand just keeps getting better.  La Sangre is still fighting  the Inquisitor in Barcelone, but the Shade, with a bit of a jog to his memory realizes what is up, and uses his powers to defeat a pretty MAJOR villain.  He's not quite sure what happened, and neither are we, but for now anyway...it all works.

The vial of blood that La Sangre had, that he came to retrieve is unfortunately all dried up,and it really doesn't matter anymore, since his great grandson who needed it, has died in the meantime.  So Shade decides that as much fun as it has been, he should probably go back to London and see if he can figure out what is REALLY going on.

Wonderful.  It has a leisurely pace, but I don't mind that.

Not a bad week at all.


At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, the crossover ended in I, Vampire... where it all made sense.

At 5:34 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

That's a good thing. I was a bit confused.

At 2:03 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Has anyone suggested to Madame Xanadu that constantly complaining everyone is going to hate her, will likely make everyone hate her?

Honestly, you'd think someone with precognitive abilities would be better at spotting self-fulfilling prophecies.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

She does seem to be a bit on the...whiny side doesn't she?


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