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Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Books!

Man, I do love Wednesdays.

All-Star Western #6

I am also enjoying the heck out of the new Jonah Hex. Although, now that it is six months into the experiment, I suppose I should stop referring to them as "new" books. But still...new continuity!

Jonah and Arkham are trapped in the weird caves under Gotham, and Jonah fights and kills giant giant killer bat, which impresses the lost Indian tribe, and they manage to crawl out of the hole, and into...Stately Wayne Manor! None other than Alan Wayne, whom we recently met over in Batman. So, the Waynes, and Jonah and Arkham summon the constabulatory, and they raid the child slave ring, and all ends happily, except that the kidnapped boy of the rich guy, was kidnapped by the poor people who lost THEIR kid, just to get some attention, and then it turns out that the rich guy was the one behind it all! And...and there are owls all over the place at Thurston Moody's house (the rich guy) and whoo-boy, this is all going to eventually tie into the Order of the Owls crossover.

But...I like it. Plus, Jonah has had enough for now of Gotham, and is headed to New Orleans. Good grief, this is good stuff.

Aquaman #6

So...Mera goes into town to get some dog food for Salty, and runs into a whole lot of trouble. Firstly, there is the lecherous shopkeeper, who won't stop with the slimy comments nor the roaming hands, till she breaks his arm. This naturally brings out the cops, who react by pointing guns at her, and refusing to listen. Things begin to escalate, until they hear an APB about a guy who killed his wife and has taken his daughter hostage. Mera suddenly surrenders, and they all go in the police car to the hostage standoff, where she suddenly UN-surrenders, and takes out the bad guy. But still, it annoys the cops. So finally, Mera has had enough and goes home.

Fortunately, she impressed the young girl who worked for the slimy shopkeeper, and she brings her a bunch of dogfood and dogstuff. Yeah! And we also got a bit of flahback about her original quest to kill Arther. Who does show up, and decide they have to go and see Doctor Shin, who knows who sunk Atlantis.


Also fun as usual. I think that Ivan Reis was only helping on the art however, with Joe Prado doing the bulk of it, because it's just...different. Not bad...but different.

Flash #6

Barry is having both a good and a bad day. He's got a girlfriend now apparently, but he can't go over a certain speed, or he will destroy the space/time continuum or something. And Captain Cold is having a REALLY bad day. His sister is dying, and he blames the Flash for it. It's not actually Barry's fault, but Cold doesn't know that, so he's busy freezing the harbor and doing bad cold things.

Gosh, I love this book. I love the writing and I love the art. What more could you want?

Green Lantern:New Guardians #6

Well, Kyle and Glommulus go up against the Angel guy, and aren't doing too well. The inhabintants of the giant construct seem to think that THEY are the bad guys...a little tidbit of information that neither Sayd nor Larfleeze thought to pass along. They are getting their collective butts handed to them. Kyle is trying to warn them, but the rings won't interact, until Kyle figures out a way...simply because he is Kyle and therefore awesome. It annoys the piss out of Arkillo however, who can't understand how it is that Kyle is using a yellow ring to communicate. Bleez sort've shows up, and St. Walker is having problems.

This was...ok. the art is a bit overwrought to my eyes, and while I love Kyle, I really do miss having more Lanterns for him to interact with. Like Guy. Still, I'm keeping up with it.

Justice League Dark #6

I am enjoying this book too. After the last issue, they all split up, and went their separate ways, and Madam Xanadu foresaw a horrible horrible future. In THIS issue, they are all having these horrible nightmares, and manage to all come together again, even though they don't really seem to like each other very much. Xanadu warns them, that their nightmares are a possible future that COULD have come true, but they altered it, by working together...so they have to STAY together in order to save the world. There's just one itsy bitsy problem...!

Pretty art, and an interesting story. John Constantine being an utter jerk. Deadman and Zatanna! Shade! I am having fun with this one.

The Ray #3 of 4

Awww...this is only a mini-series? Because it is a whole lot of fun. The new Ray is young, impetuous and slightly confused. And occasionally, quite amusing. The plot begins to thicken, the bad guy also has these powers, to be able to basically do whatever he wants to reality...and what he wants is to make a...movie? With the Ray as the hero! He doesn't really WANT to be in the movie, but has to keep doing heroic things to save the people that Crazy Guy keeps trying to harm.

The new Ray actually reminds me a little bit of Jaime Reyes, when HE was a new character. Young, inexperienced, full of enthusiasm, short on experience, and...welll...fun.

I have to say that I have dropped the new version of Blue Beetle, because it is the complete OPPOSITE of fun. I'm not saying that it has to be nothing but jokes, but the new version is just awful.

So...not a bad week. Not a bad week at all.

And continuing my theme of pictures of Guy Gardner doing bad bad things...

guy and gnort

This was when he had just lost his ring to Hal, and was trying to figure out how to get Sinestro's yellow one, which had been buried with him. He managed to con poor G'nort into making a ship for him...by scratching him behind the ears.



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