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Friday, February 17, 2012

Slightly Delayed Reviews

My, but this was a very nice week. Very nice indeed.

Batman #6

Damn, but this is a seriously fabulous book. Last issue was mind-boggling, and this months takes us to the confrontation finally between a drugged, exhausted and hallucinating Batman and the Owl Court's assassin, the Talon. Bats, as might be expected, isn't doing too awfully well, and all these incredibly creepy little owl people are calling for his blood as the Talon kicks the crap out of him. Until...he looks up and sees the final picture of his great grandfather, or whatever, Alan Wayne, and decides that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! And summons up his Batitude, and starts kicking some Owl butt! He's still halucinating, but at least is rational enough to be able make an explosion out of the minerals in the fountain and the filaments from the camera...which is such an incredibly Batlike thing for him to do. And he escapes! Well...maybe.

Damn, this is good.

Birds of Prey#6

I like this book, but I'm confused a little bit. Did I miss something? I could have sworn that Starling was all by herself on a bridge somewhere, thinking she'd been betrayed, and this issue, we have the whole bunch of them together, trying to deprogram Brendan Bowman, who is the guy who infected Dinah, way back when. The art is lovely as usual, and there is some interesting stuff going on, and whoo boy, it turns out that a WHOLE lot of people are infected, but I'm still slightly confused.

Fables #6

I never thought I would say this...but I'm finding that things are starting to...drag a bit. This whole heir to the North Wind storyline is on again and off again, and now there is another storyline with a possibly evil toy boat, and other stuff is still going on in Oz, and they're moving back to Fabletown, but find Mrs. Sprat, who is probably up to no good, and it is all a bit...disjointed and scattered. Still good...but not quite as good as it was.

Green Lantern Corps #6


Wonder Woman #6

Now this book just keeps improving and improving and it was already pretty darned fabulous to begin with. Diana is pitting Poseidon and Hades against Hera in an epic battle and betrayal and it's all just quite amazing. The art is simply spectacular, the story is amazing, and really,you ought to be reading this book.


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