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Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Bit of an Odd Week

Only a few books out this Wednesday, and I'm a bit ambivalent about them. I had a "What the Hell?" moment, a "Woohoo!" moment, and a "Well, that's not bad" moment.


Action Comics #6

This was definitely my "What the Hell?" book this week. I've been doting upon this ever since it debuted, but I have to say that I am left scratching my head this month.

It's a flash-forward, with Superman in his Super-togs, hanging out with the Legion for some reason, and they're hiding in his brain, and Kryptonite is involved, and there is a flash-back to the first time that they met Clark, but it's further back, than the present, and he does stuff that they KNEW he'd do...and I'm frankly, confused as all get-out.

I rather missed Rags Morales artwork too. Andy Kubert is nothing to sneeze at, but it just wasn't flying for me. You will probably read other reviews that will say this is the greatest issue ever. I'd prefer to have my Superman back in his old jeans and work boots and cape, thank you. But I do have to say that I liked the back-up story by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross, which was sweet and a little sad and certainly a whole lot easier to follow.

Justice League International #6

This of course, was my "WOOHOO!" moment!

It's the aftermath of their first adventure, with Batman and Booster taking out those dastardly young fellows who blew up the original Hall of Justice, because they apparently thought that the new League was a bunch of poseurs. It seems a bit drastic to me...usually that sort of person just blogs furiously about things like that...but these boys decided to use dynamite. And they're not alone!

Meanwhile, Guy, Tora and Gavril have gone off to sort through the debris left behind by the giants from their first battle. Guy is complaining about doing all the work, while Booster grabs some glory. Gavril is doing his thing, as is Tora. Then Guy and Tora start talking, she's telling him to lighten up on Booster a bit, and he's grumbling, and says that it's easy for a Goddess to say. Gavril is intrigued that Tora is a Goddess, which annoys Guy, who tells him it's a private conversation, and to take a hike.


Take that Winick!

Tora is back to being an Ice Goddess! No more of that idiotic Norwegian Romany garbage! Thank You Comic Book Gods and Goddesses!!


Gavril wanders off, thinking that it is a shame that they have to destroy all this cool alien technology, and inadvertently trips some sort of device that is glowing and probably probing his brain or something, because he's a bit out of it, when Guy starts yelling for him, and then forgets all about it. Aha! A plot device for the future, methinks!

Then Godiva goes out with Fang, to get hotdogs. His REAL title of course, is August General in Iron, but his actual name is Fang, so that's what I'm going to call him, because it is a whole lot easier to type Fang than August General in Iron.
Besides...it's cute. He's feeling just a little sorry for himself, and she's sympathetic as well till he starts in on her behavior on the ship and around Booster. They're having a nice moment until our little terrorists show up again, trying to blow stuff up for...well, really no reason at all, and they thwart the plot again, using her hair, to disarm the bomb, which I actually find rather bizarre. Bizarre but intriguing.

Finally, Booster has to go before the U.N. to justify his existance, along with Briggs, Fire and Vixen. The U.N. people are being pretty snooty, considering the group DID manage to save the Earth. Then Booster gets annoyed, when they start talking about how much better the REAL Justice League is, and points out that the REAL Justice League has been together and trained together for five years, and they'd been together for about five minutes, and that if they WANT the REAL JL, they should go get them...but they can't because they can't control them, and to cut them a little bit of slack already! It's a lovely speech. The U.N. dithers, and complains, but in the end, they decide to endorse them, and they all show up for one of those wonderful "let's pose for the camera" moments. Even Guy is feeling fairly mellow.

And then the terrorists set off their last bomb.


Man, this was good.

Swamp Think #6

This was also good. Things aren't looking too good for the Green, that's for sure, as the Rot is taking over Abby, and Alec has to try and become Swamp Thing again, but it may be too late, and boy howdy, but Abby's little brother is a twisted little individual! Pretty art, and a good story.

Finally, I went and picked up The Mighty Thor, mainly because I've been loving Loki so darned much lately, and it was pretty good as well. Thor is about to be eaten by the Demogorge thingie, that devours dead Gods, when, thanks to Loki and the Silver Surfer, messing around with his hammer, he remembers who he is, and all kinds of interesting things begin to happen. Also, Ulik, who is disguised as the new Thunder God Tanarus is making a real pest of himself, as Sif and Heimdall discover. Pretty art here too, and lots of wheels within wheels. And Loki!

So...not a bad week, although a small week. And Tora Is Back!


At 4:16 PM, Blogger Lantern Kiaori said...

Yes!! no more gipsy thingy past! God, that was hideous and out of place... And I actually like when Guy explains himself: you can see that he's not the douchebag that everyone think he is...well, maybe a little.
This comic (and the Re Lanterns finale...) made my day, and I love reading your reviews. Double yay.

At 6:47 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I practically did a victory dance around the room. Winick's origin story for Tora was absurd, insulting and frankly...loathsome. And made me really really cranky.

Now...I am Cranky No More!


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