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Friday, December 02, 2011

New Green Lantern

Well I'll be gobsmacked. In all of the fuss and fury of Statement Day, I completely forgot that I also picked up the new Green Lantern Book, #0, and by cracky, it was pretty darned fabulous. It basically is a nice all-ages book that more or less is drawn the same way as the new Green Lantern Cartoon, which debuted with its hour-long pilot a week or so ago, and it's just a heck of a lot of fun. So far, they are sticking with just Hal and Kilowog, but for somebody just starting out, or for kids, it is the perfect plunge into the Green Pool of Lanternage.

You don't need to know years of continuity, and Hal is actually NOT a complete jerk for a change, and Kilowog is awesome...as usual. Fun for everyone!

And...because I simply can't help myself...


By Alex Ross, and darned, if they don't all look wonderful. You can tell that Hal is puffing out his chest and sucking in his gut, because Katma is there.


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Mark B said...

It's a powerful image, no doubt. All those green beams of vibrant energy thrusting forcefully upwards. Except for Hal, who is presenting his might to the viewer end-on. Appreciate the thought, pal!

But what's this? There is one exception to the rule: one figure does not have a pulsating shaft of light - the only woman present is strangely powerless. Doubly so in fact, because you cannot even see the emblem on her chest. It's pretty clear that the Lantern Corps is not a club for girls, wouldn't you say?

This picture only serves to confirm my theory that the so-called "Green Lantern" insignia is in fact a representation of the Oan male genitalia. I don't know why more people don't think this.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

You know, I didn't even notice that Hal's hand is in front of Katma's insignia. Oh Hal. You're just so pushy.

There actually ARE a fair number of women Lanterns, but it's true that they don't get nearly the coverage as the guys. It's getting better though.


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