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Monday, February 21, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #57

And the Brouhaha on Qward continues in this issue! Firstorm shows up, carrying over the theme from Brightest Day, but it must be admitted that he doesn't actually DO a whole lot. He does seem a bit surprised to come across the White Lantern residue that the Weaponer is using against Sinestro. I'm sure that eventually this will all be important.

A lot of this story is told from Soranik's point of view. I'm getting the impression that she REALLY doesn't like her Father. And actually, who can blame her? It's a bit like waking up one day and discovering that Hitler was your Dad. She really can't blame the Weaponer TOO much for having such a hate for Sinestro, and she's not particularly thrilled that Kyle got all hysterical and called for Sinestro's help in the first place.

Abiding by the truce, which means that the Sinestro Corp and the Green Lanterns can't actually USE their RINGS against one another, they figure out a way to beat the tar out each other sans rings. And John discovers that there are a whole LOT of really nifty guns and things. The Qwardians were all mad at the Weaponer at first, but then he saves them, so now they are just getting confused. Ganthet keeps hanging around making cryptic remarks, which isn't really helping.

Things seem to have settled into a bit of a stalemate, so Sinestro rather cleverly, makes the Weaponer an offer that he can't refuse...or at least he doesn't. He agrees to join Sinestro! I'm not sure if he's going to try and take him down from the inside, or he figures what the hell, but it catches everyone by surprise. So, the Sinestro Corps leaves, and Sinestro manages to get off a few more quips, Soranik is revolted, and Ganthet says that they have to go back and fight Krona now.

A lot of action, although it probably could have been compressed a bit more. I found the artwork by Tyler Kirkham to be a bit on the scratchy side for me, although it was perfectly servicable. Still...not quite up to the caliber of artwork that I've come to expect from the Green Lantern books. But not a bad issue. I have a feeling that Kyle and Soranik are going to be having a talk sooner or later.


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