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Friday, February 11, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7


Oh I am just loving this book. It had a bit of a slow start there for a while, but things have certainly picked up. MAN do they pick up!

As you all recall from last months issue, Sodam Yat has been taken over by our nasty nasty villain. It wasn't hard, since Sodam is pretty pissy at the Guardians at the moment. He thinks that Guy is actually one of the Guardians, and he's not happy. Not happy at all.


That's ok, Guy isn't feeling particularly jubilant either. Oh, and there is that little thing with the giant snake trying to swallow him, the way that Bleez got gulped down last issue. With Guy and Bleez out of the way, our Bad Boy decides that now is the perfect time to performa double-cross on Krona, and he starts to activate all those poor clones of the telepaths.

You would think that being swallowed by a giant snake would be the end of you...but you would be wrong. Guy is still alive and kicking, and he manages to use the mind meld thingie to get his snake to attack Bleez's snake. This was a rather...visceral portion of the book, but I'll be damned if I didn't like it...bloody eyeballs and all. Bleez isn't doing too well, but she and Guy manage to swap spit...or blood, or whatever, and our boy is back in fighting trim! Woohoo!

Zardor is NOT happy. Guy and Bleez manage to round up the poor clones, and Guy sends a bunch of them off in a nice green ship, much to Zardor's displeasure. However, Guy is on something of a roll, and he proceeds to open a can of whup-ass on Zardor...not to mention gouging out his third eye. Too bad that during all of this, one of Zardor's snakes is busy purging Krona's influence over Sodam...and substituting his own. Ick.

Zardor may be down, but he's not out, and he lets Guy have it with his nice flaming sword. Apparently there are souls or something of people that he's killed trapped in the sword, and when he tags Guy with it, Guy's mind connects with one of the victims, and he's a bit distraught. Zardor is just about to take his head off...literally, when the cavalry, in the form of Arisia and Kilowog show up. Yay!

Guy's shrieking about someone named Aleeson, while Arisia tries to get some sense out of him, while Kilowog fights Zardor using constructs of the dead Green Lanterns. Meanwhile poor Sodam has come to, and he begs Kilowog to kill him before he succumbs completely to Zardor's thrall. Kilowog can't do it of course, so Sodam zaps him with a little heat vision and he grabs Bleez and Zardor and they get the hell out of Dodge.

While Arisia tends to Kilowog, Guy takes off after Sodam Yat, and is taking a kill shot, when Arisia slams into him from behind...and they get away. Guy's pissed, but probably a bit secretly relieved, while Arisia is still going to try and save him. And oh by the way...Guy does thank them both for showing up to save his sorry ass. Which is more than Hal probably would have done.

There is a certain amount of gore here, and snakes. Lots and lots of snakes. But I don't care. Guy is being awesome, and that's enough for me. And Arisia and Kilowog came back, as I knew they would. Man, I can hardly wait for the next issue!


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, you KNEW Kilowog and Arisia wouldn't stay COMPLETELY mad at Guy. Part of it is just Guy being Guy, after all. :-)

At 7:51 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, Kilowog DID have his feelings hurt. Guy should probably have fessed up right from the beginning, but to be fair, the whole story WAS pretty far-fetched.

But I was so glad when they did show up. AND he thanked them for it.

At 7:23 AM, Blogger Fernando said...

Neat issue. Love seeing Guy kicking ass.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Me too!


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