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Friday, January 21, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #56

Oh, there is so much to love in this particular issue. As you may recall, the head Weaponer of Qward has kidnapped Soranik Natu in a misguided attempt to lure Sinestro back to Qward. The Weaponer is just a tad upset with Sinestro. They were the ones who forged his yellow ring, and who supported him, and he's treated them like the dirt beneath his feet. And they, or rather the Weaponer, Has Had Enough, by Cracky!

Naturally, Kyle grabbed a bunch of Lanterns and rushed off to free Soranik, and the Weaponer, using leftover bits of the LIFE force left inadvertently on Qward by Deadman, handed them their collective asses. Their firm, round taut asses, but asses nevertheless.

So...what does Sinestro do? He calls together his handy dandy Corps of Fear Mongers, and sens them to Qward FOR him. The Weaponer made the mistake of holding to ransom something that Sinestro values above all else. The Fear Corps starts guessing exactly what that is. His Ring? A Pet? A Woman? His fuzzy bunny slippers? Well, it ain't his daughter, but his DIGNITY! So Sinestro wants to know who is going to rid him of this turbulent priest...er...pest.

At this point I am smiling to myself, because to me, this is a pitch-perfect rendition of Sinestro.

So all the Sinestro Corps members show up on Qward, busy trash-talking and sneering at the poor hapless Green Lanterns. But they don't bother beating them up, because Sinestro is still abiding by the truce. But they ARE quite happy to open a can of whup-ass on the Weaponer. Much to their collective surprise, he's more than ready to take them all on. He even sets the Green Lanters free. The problem is that they really can't leap into the fight either, since they are supposed to be abiding by the truce as well. Man, diplomacy just sucks sometimes.

Kyle of all people figures out that they CAN fight the Sinestro Corps...just not using their rings. But barehanded is apparently just fine and dandy. And John leads the rest of the Qwardians into the castle and loads them up with some really spectacular weaponry. So there is a whole lot of nice violence, and then who should show up, but...Sinestro!


The Weaponer is happy to see him, and naturally, Sinestro can't resist lecturing him on strategy. Because that is what Sinestro would DO! And gosh darn it, but he's doing pretty darned well against the white light weaponry of the Weaponer. Possibly having wielded that power himself, has given him some experience in this.

And then finally, John shows up with the rest of the Thunderers and a whole passel of Really Big Guns.

This is fun, and loud and violent and oh heck...it's just fun.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

It's always, especially nice to see John being given something to actually DO. You'd think John wouldn't be that difficult of a character to write, but ... [shrug].

At 7:19 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

There was some guy on a message board who was having a heart attack about Bedard's portrayal of John. In an interview on CBR, Bedard had mentioned that he liked John and was going to try and use him some more...which you would think would be a GOOD thing. But this guy was practically swallowing his tongue about how EVERY writer had written him wrong, and on and on...and on.

I sounded like that guy over at Scans Daily who used to yell at Gail Simone over the way that she wrote Oracle. Or...me I suppose when I have a coronary over how Winick writes Ice.

But yes, it's always nice to see John being competent. Because competent is what he DOES. I have to admit that I rather miss the interaction between Kyle and Guy. Kyle and John just don't have that same vibe going.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Duskdog said...

I just wanted to pet the Sinestro Corps precious little heads when they were guessing what Sinestro could possibly hold so dear. Silly little lambs. This is why you're the infantry, and Daddy does all the heavy lifting.

Also nice to see Sinestro single-handedly, and so effortlessly, kick the Weaponer around when he defeated the GLs so soundly. Every so often the universe needs a reminder of how incredibly skilled Sinestro is supposed to be with the ring. He's a master, and I honestly don't think anyone should be a match for him in that regard -- his flaws lie in his personality, and that's where Hal and others can trump him.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Fernando said...

I really hope that Siniestro does not beat the Weaponer. First, because the Weaponer rocks. Second, because Ganthet, an inmortal almighty Guardian, got his ass kicked. It will look just wrong. Yes, Guardians seem to die like flies lately, but seriously, they┬┤re supposed to be powerful!

At 12:31 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Duskdog, I thought the whole scene with the Sinestro Corp members trying to guess what it was that Sinestro loss...was hilarious.

In fact I thought that Sinestro was portrayed quite well in this issue.

I don't think that he can necessarily defeat the Weaponer single-handedly, Fernando, but you have to admit that he's doing a better job at tactics and strategy than Ganthet. The problem with Ganthet, is that the Guardians really aren't field leaders per se...they have always floated in their little sanctum on Oa, and left all the heavy lifting up to the Green Lantern Corps. So, while Ganthet is quite powerful...he nevertheless WAS caught by surprise. And he has that whole ulterior motive thingie going on.

I can hardly wait for the next issue, I can tell you that!


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