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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Amours of the Green Lanterns

Three days in, and I'm still stuck on just Hal! I could do this for a MONTH probably!

As you all know, Hal does manage to get around. And he's not shy about checking out alien women either. Yeah, they may come in funny colors, and have a few more apendages than he's used to...but dammit Hal is ADVENTUROUS! And horny.

hal kissing

As you can see, Hal will kiss just about anyone.

But this is more what I was thinking of.

hal and arisia

You all remember Arisia of course. Gosh, but I like Arisia. She got something of a bum deal, when she fell for Hal, but it must be admitted, that she had a lot of company in that regard.

She was portrayed as being just a young girl, albeit a young girl who was worthy of becoming a Green Lantern, which is something that gets overlooked sometimes. Hal used to pat her on the head and call her "little sister", which made it just a tad creepy, when she used her powers to enhance her growth to the age of consent. Hal was delighted, and practically jumped in bed with her on the spot...which is rather reminiscent of his reaction to Kari Limbo. Hal is nothing, if not impetuous.

Alas, although her nubile figure was mature, Arisia was still fairly youthful in her head, and Hal dumped her after a while. He tried to come on to her again when he was Parallax, but thank goodness she had the strenght of mind to turn him down. And, she WAS glad to see him when she was rescued by Hal and Guy on Biot, she hasn't been hankering after him since her return from the dead. Which is probably quite healthy. Hal's probably a little miffed however.

Oh Hal.


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