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Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeling Refreshed!

Well, back from my long weekend, of frivolity. I went to a play, marched in a parade, ate barbecue till I almost burst, and spent money foolishly. I feel...so ALIVE! But nevertheless, it is Monday, and therefore I must return to reality. And that means comics.

Wait. Comics aren't reality! They are our sweet sweet escape from reality! Or something. Nevertheless, I went three whole days without a computer or even picking up a comic to read, and I'm famished.

Did anyone pick up the Untold Tales of Blackest Night from last week? I hemmed and hawed about it, but naturally, gave in and got it, and it was pretty good! Not every story was absolutely necessary of course, some of them were more like outtakes, but the Ethan Van Sciver tale with Karu-Sil was really good. And the Ivan Reis pages were lovely. I liked the idiots who decided to kill themselves, in order to be on the "winning" side of the battle...and it didn't work. Haw! So, well worth picking up.

I did finally get Brightest Day from TWO Wednesdays ago, and it was pretty darned fantastic. Booster Gold was a hoot as usual. I'm very glad that Blue Beetle didn't remain a chipmunk...although he WAS awfully cute. And the emotions that Skeets is experiencing is quite interesting. The scene where Estrogina vomits Ted back up, and the look on the other pirate's faces is simply priceless. "It's a Boy!" Indeed it is. And WHAT a boy!

I liked Jonah Hex, although I found the art to be a bit muddy and a little hard to follow, something that happens with this book once in a while. I know that the sepia tones are practically required, and normally I love them, but it can get a bit bogged down occasionally.

The art in Justice League: Generation Lost on the other hand, was quite stellar. And Tora fighting for Bea and for her life, make perfect sense of course. I'm not necessarily TOO happy about that final page, it all depends upon what Winick is going to make her do. If she suddenly starts being all badass and there's more swearing, I'm going to cry.

R.E.B.E.L.S. had Green Lanterns and Lobo on the cover, so of course, I had to pick it up. I'm not reading this regularly, but still get an issue here and there, and am abreast of the most simple plot lines, so I have to say that it's pretty good. I'd have to say that Vril Dox is doing a bang up job of making the Green Lantern Corps look like a bunch of schmucks. Way to go, Guardians!

The Return of Bruce Wayne, #5 was good. Really really good. I liked it much better than the western one, which is kind of odd, now that I think about it. But still, this was excellent, and it had Ryan Sook artwork, so it was pretty too!

Secret Six was sensational! Kudos to Jeanette for knowing when she's licked, and not making a fuss of it. My jaw literally dropped at Bane's decision, so I'm hoping that it's a fakeout. And I really wanted Waller to punch Spy Smasher right in the kisser. But I imagine that Amanda has more subtle ways of getting even.

And finally, if you aren't reading Thor,The Mighty Avenger, I have to recommend it. Highly. Chris Samnee can really draw, and it's just so...so CUTE! And it had Namor! NOT acting completely douchily!


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