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Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Review Time

Not a bad week, all things considered. No Blackest Night, nor any Green Lanterns, but I managed...I managed.

BN: Adventure Comics #4

Ok, this is the one with Superboy Prime on the cover, and quite frankly, I wasn't quite sure WHAT to expect. I certainly didn't expect to laugh my ass off, that's for sure.

Seriously, this is hilarious. Back on his own world, Dear little Clark is still obsesively cruising the internet and reading comic books while simulatenously terrorizing his own parents. And who should come calling, but Black Lantern Alex Luthor. It's just so...so perfect. I absolutely LOATHE Superboy Prime, and yet even I found myself feeling just a tiny bit sorry for him. But only a tiny tiny bitl

Batman Confidential #37

I don't usually pick this up, but it had Lady Blackhawk on the cover, and how am I supposed to resist that? I LOVE Zinda! Someone has dug up Blackhawk's corpse, and is stealing weaponry, and stuff, so Zinda and Batman go off to Blackhawk Island, where Batman skulks around, and Zinda behaves in a particularly brainless and wimpy fashion.


Streets of Gotham #6. This continues the story with Manbat and Huntress, with a bit of a twist at the end, which was pretty good all things considered. And it is always nice to see Manhunter. Oh, and Dick Grayson shows up, the Paris Hilton of Gotham.


The Brave & the Bold #29

Batman and Brother Power the Geek? I...I did NOT see that coming. Talk about obscure characters! It was ok, I guess.

The Flash: Rebirth #5

Woohoo! Go Barry! And Wally, and Max and Jesse Quick and Bart and Impulse. Yeah, you heard me.

Frankly, I've been enjoying the piss out of this. I like Barry, and I'm glad, GLAD that he's alive, and I'm glad that Max is alive, and Wally and everyone else. And I'm hoping that Zoom gets his. I can't say that I actually understand how the Speed Force can create costumes, but if that's Wally's explanation for it, then who am I to quibble? Besides, I adore Comic Book Science. And Ethan Van Sciver's art is so pretty.

Yes, it's been late, and that has been annoying, but I'm so caught up in Blackest Night, that I haven't really noticed its lateness that much, so it is a happy surprise when it does show up.

Justice Society of America 80-Page Giant.

Frankly, I love 80-Page Giants and I am so happy that they are bringing them back. I have to say that I don't fully understand how all of these weird things are happening at the Brownstone, but hey, it's the Justice Society, and Doctor Fate is involved, so it's all good. Basically it is seven different stories, that touch on things in the past and how they relate to the present, and it's a bit convoluted, but what the heck. I liked it.

The Outsiders #24

I actually am enjoying the Outsiders, and that is due entirely to Peter Tomasi. This is another tie-in to Blackest Night, and it has Terra coming back to "life" as a Black Lantern. She's gone to poor stupid trusting Brion and is busy telling him that she can't get the ring off her finger, and she just wants to rest...she really doesn't want to eat his big stupid trusting delicious heart, oh no.

And Katanna's family all show up, and she's buffaloed for a little while, until they try to eat Halo, or whatever, and then Katanna realizes her mistake. It's pretty decent really.

And you get rings!


At 1:42 AM, Blogger Fernando said...

Flash is really growing on me. I use to dislike Flash. Never get a hold of the character. But I decided to give this collection a shot, and I´m enjoying it.

Super Girl is ok, but getting a little bit too easy to see all the twist and surprises coming.

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:29 AM, Blogger Jake said...

I blame the above post on your blog title featuring the word "butts".

What was really disappointing about Batman Confidential was that we had that particular bit of mind trickery already played on Lady Blackhawk in Birds of Prey, and she overcame it. It was a nice story, I don't want to read it again.

At 12:41 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Aaaahhhhh! 123 123 seems to be HIGHLY confused abou the sort of thing that I blog about.


Yeah, Zinda is smart and feisty and she shouldn't be shown as being so weak, it's rather infuriating. Bah.

Fernando, I'm enjoying the heck out of Barry's return.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger poops said...

I hate having to get negative here, because there is usually WAY too much of that on comic book message boards (and this one is so fun!), but I'm not a big fan of the whole Superboy-Prime thing in Adventure Comics. I guess I was hoping that Prime would be brought back to the mainstream somehow, instead of a continuation of the whole reading his own comics thing from Legion of 3 Worlds...I have to say I hate the whole concept...sorry...it may stem from my total lack of understanding regarding the 31st century.

Still trying to get into the Flash thing, as well. Love Johns, love Van Sciver, love Barry, but too many Flashs and the Speed Force hurts my head. I'm still along for the ride, though.

One last complaint...are the Flash Rebirth covers extremely weak or is it me...GL Rebirth were amazing!

I'm sure next week will put me in a better mood...Blackest Night #5...and Turkey!

At 1:11 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

To be fair, trying to live up to the GL: Rebirth covers is awfully hard. I've liked the covers to Flash: Rebirth, I believe that some of them are even homages. But then, I really do like Van Sciver's art.


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