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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ugh...It's Tuesday

What IS it about Tuesday anyway? It's the most depressing day of the week, that's what it is. Monday isn't really too thrilling either, but you do have the "excitement" of getting going again after the weekend. Wednesday of course, is what I call "Church" day...because going to the Comic Book Store is somewhat of a religious experience for me. Thursday, is getting towards the end of the week, and besides, we can all talk about the comics that we bought on Wednesday. Friday of course, needs no explanation, everyone loves Fridays. And then the Weekend.

But Tuesday stands alone. Not much to look forward to, and it's the day BEFORE the comics.


So...in order to brighten up YOUR Tuesday, please feast your eyes upon THIS!

Green Lanterns

Because seriously...how can anyone not love G'Nort Esplanade G'Neesmacher? I know that I do. And it would REALLY be fabulous if he turns out to be the savior of the Green Lantern Corps in Blackest Night.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

I hate G'Nort. Sorry.
As for Tuesdays, well I say that Mondays are full of possbilities.
Tuesdays are full of omnious work days looming ahead.
wednesday is very frustrating because you all get your comics and I have to wait another day for mine. :(
Thursday :)
By Friday i'm generaly exhausted.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

You...you hate G'Nort? Granted, he's idiotic, but that's part of his charm!

At 12:56 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

I find idiocy grating not charming. he's just..urgh. when I'm reading him it's like there's an itch at the back of my brain that won't leave :/
I'd probably enjoy him as a Black Lantern though.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BWHAHAHA!!! You called Wednesday going to Church LOL
- Seafire

At 3:00 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

We all worship...in our own way.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Fernando said...

G´Nort used to be cool. The Collateral Damage happened. What was that about? Guy killing? G´Nort all serious and responsible and intelligent? :/

At 4:46 PM, Blogger LissBirds said...

I hate Mondays. I hate Sunday nights even more...really depressing. And I don't get my comics till Saturday! Sometimes Monday!

And, G'nort! Way to rock those bell bottoms!! Yeah, if he saved everyone in BN I'd be greatly amused.

My verification word was zinglog...that'll be a cool blog name.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Zinglog is a very cool name.

Fernando, we try not to talk about Collateral Damage. I like to pretend that it never ever ever happened.

And my life is much simplified.


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