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Thursday, August 20, 2009


In addition to having a fine old time, gossiping my brains out at the Comic Book Store yesturday, I ALSO managed to pick up my books, which is always a good thing.

Blackest Night: Superman #1....Sweet Merciful Crap! This was good. This was very good. And it certainly raises the stakes. Nice to see Connor, and really nice to see Clark and the various emotions portrayed. I rather like this aspect to the Black Lanterns, that they see the various emotional auras in the people that they are looking at. Poor Krypto! As for Ma Kent, well, Kal L may have just made a strategical error here, she's one tough old lady. Not to mention, that Lois is on her way, and she'll lay a smackdown on alternate Universe Superdooperman like nobody's business.

The Brave & the Bold #26...This was ok. Nothing terrible about it, nothing particularly fantastic either. I really just don't get that excited by the Spectre, unless it's Hal. I will say, that was one mean ghost.

Jack of Fables #37...was fun as usual. It concentrated mostly on Jack's son, Jack Frost, and his continuing quest to be a hero, which I thought was nice. Babe has a nice soliloquy.

Justice League of America #36...I have rather been enjoying this latest arc with the Royal Flush Gang. Apparently they are a franchise now. We get a bit of history about Amos Fortune that was interesting, and Wonder Woman shows up. Vixen is doing a pretty decent job of trying to lead this bunch, and Doctor Light continues to be supercilious towards the rest of them. Besides...it has Plastic Man, and how can you go wrong with Plastic Man? Again, not mindboggling, but a good decent read.

Outsiders #21...Our wayward heroes show up at the Batcave, and discover that it's closed due to the shenanigans going on elsewhere, which is a nice bit of continuity. Alfred has a nice talk with the gang, and they all have to go out and try and bring back the escaped baddies from Arkham. Owlman and Lightning are the lucky pair who get Doctor Freeze, who is just crazy enough to be performing brain surgery upon himself. This continues to be very good.

Power Girl #4...Now this is just fun. Karen and Terra go to a movie, she fights a big monster, rehabilitates a quasi-villain, and tries to run her company, while looking for an apartment. The artwork of course, has a great deal to do with my enjoyment of this book. Amanda Conner is delightful.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #3...I am still astonished that I am not only picking up a Bat book, but that I'm enjoying it. I was originally just in this for the Manhunter story at the end, but goshdarnit, I actually liked the main story. Hush (I think?) is masquerading as Bruce Wayne and handing out millions, as Gotham's newest sugar Daddy. There isn't a whole lot that Dick and Damian and Alfred can do to stop him, so Tommy Elliot thinks that he has them in the palm of his hand. While handing out millions, what are a couple of million bucks here and there to buy back some of his own holdings? Fortunately, Dick and Alfred put together a special committee of Wayne Enterprises exectives. Tommy scoffs at the idea of the board wanting to shut him down, until he discovers exactly who these "special executives" actually are.


Oh, and the Black Mask continues to be a dick. I'm actually rooting for the Penguin, in all of this.

Manhunter was brutal, but effective. She beat the bad lady with no skin, without her suit or stuff, and with just little bit of help from Huntress. Always nice to see Kate.

Wednesday Comics continues to enthrall. I have to say that my favorite this week was the Supergirl story, with Amanda Conner on the artwork. I LOVE her Aquaman.

Did you all enjoy YOUR comics?


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous wik said...

my favourite moment this week? This little gem from Power Girl #4:

Zoraida (the Villain): Stand aside, Busty Airborne Lass, or I shall be forced to unleash my fury upon thee!

And of course, the amazing girly banter between Power Girl and the naive, innocent Terra (is the naivete a prerequisite for taking that name, btw?).

At 6:00 AM, Blogger Sea-of-Green said...

>>I am still astonished that I am not only picking up a Bat book, but that I'm enjoying it.<<

See? That's always been the single, best advantage that Batman comics have always had over other superhero comics -- it's not really the characters that matter but the STORIES involving those characters. In my opinion, throughout his history, Batman has consistently had better stories (well, on and off) than any other super-hero out there. There's just something about the character that inspires truly good storytelling, whether short or long stories.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Busty Airborne Lass IS one heck of a moniker. I think my favorite moment in Power Girl's book, was where she and Terra are changing their clothes in the alley, and there's some wino behind them, who simply can't believe his eyes.

You're right as usual Sea. Batman does have some helluva good stories. It's just that I can't help but get annoyed at how omnipotent they always make him, that I really enjoy it, when he's not quite so fabulous. But the Batwoman book has been very good, and I'm enjoying the way that Dick and Alfred, and even Damian are handling things without Bruce.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Allstarme79 said...

All the Bat and BN comics were quite good this week! Er, last week now, I guess.


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